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Why should your church buy a DVD or video to show one time when… for $175 per year, it can have unlimited access to over 1,500 selections?

From Bible study to kids’ entertainment, from doctrine to money management, the video library maintains a comprehensive inventory of DVDS and videos for your church to use in its Christian education program.

Please take this opportunity to search our on line catalog or view the actual pages of our current catalog*. Read through the Operation Procedures so that you can understand what benefits and responsibilities you have as a member. Then print the membership agreement, fill it out, sign it and mail it to CDM today so that you can take advantage of this valuable resource.

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Video Library Procedures

dvd.jpgChurch annual membership fee — $175.00

This covers the use of all DVDs/videos. The only additional expense to you is return shipping charges. The reason for this very nominal membership fee is to ensure the continued expansion of the library and its services. CDM will be able to purchase new DVDs/tapes. It also allows for the purchase of duplicate sets of the more popular series. Finally, it will help with damage, loss and replacement costs that insurance does not cover.

We strongly recommend one contact person from each church for handling all ordering and all return shipping. This reduces “missing DVD/tape” complications as this contact person will keep all shipping stubs together. Be sure to write the title of the DVD/video you are returning on your shipping receipt (mail or UPS)!

You may use as many DVDs/videos as you need at any time as long as they are available. We want the DVD/tapes to be used and not to sit on anyone’s shelf!

If you wish to PREVIEW a DVD/video or series, you may order on a PREVIEW basis. You have one week from the date you receive it to preview the DVD/video or entire series.

Any time you are interested in scheduling a DVD/video or series, either call or email the librarian at the CDM office with DVD/video titles as listed in the catalog and SPECIFIC dates you wish to use them. Please give at least two weeks notice if at all possible! Last minute requests greatly reduce the probability of availability and cause an excess of unnecessary work for the librarian. Unless there is a conflict of schedules, the requested DVD/tape or series will be shipped ten days before your scheduled showing date. (“2nd-Day” shipping requests and “Next-Day” shipping requests require that we bill the library member for the additional shipping charges.)

Confirm your U.P.S. shipping address when you order. Because of increased shipping rates, we prefer that you provide a commercial shipping address rather than a residential address. To avoid delays and loss it should be an address where someone will be to accept delivery.

Report damaged DVDs/tapes immediately! Do not attempt to repair them. If you have any difficulty, call the video librarian and return the DVD/video with a note attached explaining the problem.

All churches pay return shipping charges and insure return of DVDs/tapes for $50.00 per DVD/tape.

KEEP YOUR RETURN SHIPPING RECEIPT and write the DVD/video title(s) on it for insurance claim if needed! If you do not keep your receipt, you are responsible for replacement of the DVD(s)video(s) if necessary. We prefer that you ship UPS. (Mail is acceptable as long as you are aware of the risk and are willing to take it!)

Use the return mailing label provided with each shipment.

When you receive your order, check each packing slip carefully to be sure you have received all items listed and to verify that the library schedule corresponds with your intended schedule. (Packing slip is used as your mailing label.)

Single DVDs/tapes must be returned on the day after their scheduled showing.

DVD/Tape series must be returned on the day after the final scheduled showing. Unless other arrangements are made, the librarian will assume that you will be using one session per week.

Notify the librarian of any change in schedule! She may have scheduled another church for use after you!

Be sure to rewind all videos before returning.

OVERDUE FEES of $10.00 will be assessed 15 days after your final scheduled return ship date (see your packing slip). To avoid being billed for these fees, simply call the librarian BEFORE the final scheduled showing to inform her of your new intended schedule and to be sure it does not conflict with any other reservations.

Copyright laws to be honored regarding use of DVD/videos and supplemental materials. (Many, but not all, of the guides are reproducible. The DVDs/videos are NOT reproducible.)

Leader Guides, Discussion Guides, Study Guides, and any other supplemental materials (including xerox copies) are LIBRARY PROPERTY and must remain with the DVDs/videos. If you are using an extended series, return the materials with the final DVD/tape shipment.

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