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How best can the local church serve women in crisis in this age of scandals and accusations?  With years of experience and a plethora of stories, Bernie Lawrence and Ann Maree Goudzwaard have written Help[H]er: A Churchwide Response for Women in Crisis as a guide for churches looking for ways to serve women in crisis while maintaining the integrity of leaders and being sensitive to the needs of those helped. The stories shared include those of the women served, of church officers and pastors, as well as those of the women who have served as advocates for the women and helpers to the leaders in the Shepherdess Ministry of Christ Covenant Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bernie, a pastor, and Ann Maree, a trained counsellor, interweave their perspectives and advice to encourage those undertaking the call to help women in crisis within the local church. Then, generously, they provide tools they have developed to assist in starting such a ministry in any church.

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New Video-based Training:

Use the Help[H]er Advocacy Training to build your church’s one-another care ministry to women in crisis.

Churches can now access the training described in Help[H]er: A Churchwide Response for Women in Crisis, developed by Christ Covenant Church over its 12 years of one-another care (shepherdess) ministry to women in crisis.

CDM has partnered with Christ Covenant Church to make the Help[H]er Advocacy Training available to churches of all sizes everywhere. The program consists of ten 2-hour workshops which include four teaching and discussion videos (approximately 20 minutes each), a companion Study Guide, and ten required reading books. Each video session is led by one of the pastors, elders, counselors, authors, or trained advocates from Christ Covenant who share their experiences and wisdom in one-another care ministry. At the heart of this project is the desire to assist pastors and elders in more safely navigating the shepherding of women in crisis by utilizing the gifts and experiences of seasoned women believers in their churches.

Key Components of Training:

Speakers on the Videos:

Thomas Groelsema | Bernie Lawrence | Ann Maree Goudzwaard | Sarah Ivill | Connie Miller | Michael Kruger | Derek Wells | Melanie Cogdill | Bob Goudzwaard | Teresa Gillis

About the Project Manager

Ann Maree Goudzwaard is the Executive Director of Help[H]er. She served as the project manager for the training series Help[H]er: A Churchwide Response for Women in Crisis, based on the book she co-authored (CDM, 2020) and project manager and contributor for the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship’s Domestic Abuse Observation Series and for its joint project with Shepherd Press, Intro to Messy Care & Discipleship. In addition, she has trained counselors at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte and PeaceWorks University and blogs regularly for enCourage and the Biblical Counseling Coalition. Ann Maree is a biblical counselor with an MDiv/counseling emphasis and a DMin candidate. She is married to Bob, she is the mother of three, and grandmother to thirteen.