Leader’s Ministry Resources

CDM strengthens your church by connecting you to the resources your leader’s need!

This contains useful resources we have gathered from PCA churches across the country.  If you have a resource you would be willing to share or a resource you would like us to develop, we want to hear from you. Email us.

The information below comes in   PDF,   Word doc,   on-site articles, off-site pages or website and links to   videos. Click the title of interest to view, download and /or print or watch.

The PCA Bookstore has resources you can trust. Most are discounted, and all of them have been reviewed by our team. You can see the resources we recommend for leaders HERE.

Disclaimer:  The resources and ministries on this page are not comprehensive or an affiliate of CDM. Our goal is to connect you to resources that may be helpful, but CDM is not endorsing any of these organizations.

        Perimeter Church’s Volunteer Management Guide

How Can I Develop an Outreach Ministry to My Church’s Community Video 

Ligonier Ministries 

Third Mil Ministries 

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