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CDM strengthens your church by connecting you to the resources you need for Women’s Ministry!

Whether you are creating a Women’s Ministry from scratch or looking for help reenergizing an existing ministry, CDM can help!  This includes resources we have gathered from PCA churches across the country and resources our Women’s Ministry Team have developed to strengthen your church. Begin with the Foundational Resources (Click on the link below to see the resource) and then check out what is in each of the files of resources.

If you have a resource you would be willing to share or a resource you would like us to develop, we want to hear from you. Email us.

A few times a year, CDM publishes studies and books we believe will serve the church. We are selective in the books we offer because our objective is providing churches with resources they can trust, resources that are Biblically based and relationally focused, resources that will equip and encourage individuals to grow in their faith.

We have an extensive library of resources for Women’s Ministry. We have always been committed to developing resources that are foundational to a biblical philosophy of women’s ministry. These materials are designed to teach women to think biblically about all of life, including issues specifically related to being a woman.

Women’s Ministry Leadership Development Resources

The PCA Bookstore has resources you can trust. Most are discounted, and all of them have been reviewed by our team. You can see the resources we recommend HERE

Listed below are some highlighted studies this year:

Women’s Ministry Recommended Resources – Fall 2021 and Spring 2022

Women’s Ministry Video Resources

VIDEO RESOURCE: WHAT’S SHE DOING HERE? The Messy Women in Jesus’s Genealogy by Susan Tyner



ACCESS VIDEO CONTENT: https://pcacdm.org/messy/

LENGTH: 9 weeks

Description: Seductress. Prostitute. Outcast. Adulterer. Pregnant unwed Teen. Who would highlight that kind of ancestry? Jesus would.

The only person who ever got to choose His family doesn’t hide the messes. He highlights them for all to see. He unashamedly says they’re His.
The Gospel of Matthew begins with Jesus’s family tree, an unusual one not only because it includes women, but messy women: Tamar, who tricked her father-in-law to impregnate her; Rahab, the Jericho prostitute who betrayed her countrymen; Ruth, the widowed Moabitess turned beggar; and Bathsheba, listed only by her murdered husband’s name. Then there was Mary. Although we know her innocence and submission to God, those around her questioned her purity and the legitimacy of the Child she bore.

Join Susan Tyner in examining how God wove the messy stories of these five women together into His Big Story of salvation. And learn how He continues to redeem His children—one messy story at a time.

VIDEO RESOURCE: GALATIANS by Christine Gordon and Hope Blanton

BUY BOOK: https://www.pcabookstore.com//p-6275638-galatians-at-his-feet-studies.aspx

ACCESS VIDEO CONTENT: https://athisfeetonline.com/shop/

LENGTH: 8 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: Do you find yourself questioning how God feels about you after a particularly sinful day? Do you wonder if you need to do something to get back into his good graces? Listen in on Paul’s conversation with the churches in Galatia as he tells them over and over how they are saved and stay saved only by Christ’s work, not theirs. Through Old Testament saints, word pictures, and even shocking language, Paul will convince you that Jesus’s work was enough, and will always be enough, not only to pay for your offenses against God, but by the Holy Spirit to make you a new creature. Galatians is a combination of Christine’s ability to unpack Scripture in deep, practical ways and Hope’s ability to create questions that guide the reader and apply God’s Word. Designed to be an approachable Bible study for women in every season. Galatians is an ancient text for today’s weary women. This study is an antidote to our age of self-help. God’s Word, alongside Hope and Christine’s commentary, bids us over and over to trust in Christ’s finished work. What a relief; what good news. This is nourishment for the soul.

Video Resource: Help[h]er by Ann Maree Goudzwaard and Bernie Lawrence

BUY BOOK, STUDY GUIDE, AND ESSENTIAL TEXTS: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-6274932-helpher-a-churchwide-respon.aspx

VIDEO RESOURCE: Sexual Faithfulness by Ellen Dykas

Free Leader’s Guide, Participant Guide and Videos: https://harvestusa.org/sexualfaithfulness/

LENGTH: 10 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: Sexual Faithfulness: Gospel-Infused, Practical Discipleship for Women is for those who need help applying the gospel to their sexual and relational struggles.This small group curriculum addresses such issues as building healthy friendships, suffering, beliefs about men, spiritual warfare, and more. At the beginning of each lesson, a brief video orients you to the topic. The Leader’s Guide includes notes with each lesson to assist leaders with group discussion and provide helpful suggestions for navigating complex issues. Sexual Faithfulness is designed for use in small groups and discipleship relationships.

VIDEO RESOURCE: LUKE PART ONE by Christine Gordon and Hope Blanton

BUY BOOK: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-91643-practical-theology-for-women.aspx

ACCESS VIDEO CONTENT: https://athisfeetonline.com/shop/

LENGTH: 13 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: If you’re a woman who feels like you don’t have time to study the Bible in a deep, meaningful way, but want to, this is the study for you. Watch Jesus up close as he begins to reveal to his disciples, the crowds, and us the astonishing upside-down kingdom of God. Luke: Part 1 is a combination of Chris’s ability to unpack Scripture in deep, practical ways and Hope’s ability to create questions that guide the reader and apply God’s Word. Designed to be completed in just twenty minutes, each study is nourishing, time efficient, and useful for individuals and groups. What other people are saying about Luke: Part 1:“Hope Blanton and Chris Gordon have once again provided the church with a rich yet accessible resource in this study on Luke’s Gospel.


BUY BOOK: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-6274964-saints-and-scoundrels-in-the-story-of-jesus.aspx

ACCESS VIDEO CONTENT: https://www.nancyguthrie.com/saints-scoundrels

LENGTH: 10 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: The story of Jesus in the Gospels includes all kinds of interesting people—some who claimed to be saints but proved to be scoundrels, as well as scoundrels who were transformed into saints. Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus provides a fresh look into what shaped and motivated people such as John the Baptist, Peter, the Pharisees, Zacchaeus, Judas, Caiaphas, Barabbas, Stephen, and Paul. Each of their stories help us to see the generous grace of Jesus toward the worst of sinners more clearly.

VIDEO RESOURCE: HUNGRY by Rondi Lauterbach

BUY BOOK: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-12675-hungry.aspx

ACCESS VIDEO CONTENT: https://www.rondilauterbach.com/

LENGTH: 12 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: To all who are: running on empty; feeding on junk; rummaging for scraps; or pretending you’re fine

Come. Because God has come in person/ To spread a table for us in the wilderness. Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” John 6:35  – Let’s go to his feast together.


BUY BOOK: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-6274612-hinged-vitally-connected-to-christ-and-his-church-ephesians.aspx

BUY DIGITAL BOOK: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-6275086-hinged-vitally-connected-to-christ-and-his-church-ephesians-download-edition.aspx

BUY LEADER’S GUIDE: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-6274613-hinged-leaders-guide-download.aspx


LENGTH: 12 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: We are better together. I think we are more effective at seeking to learn and apply the gospel in the context of community. This study is a collaborative effort written by a unified yet diverse group of nine women from our National Women’s Ministry Team. They live in different parts of the country. They are of different ages and races. They have unique faith stories. The churches they attend range in size from under 100 to several thousand. It is a love for Christ and His Church that unites them. The book also contains 12 unique stories from women just like you who are seeking to apply the truth of God’s Word right where they live. And when you add up these 20 women you see a picture of the Bride…and she is radiant!


BUY VIDEO CONTENT: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-91800-gods-design-for-sexuality-dvd.aspx

LENGTH: 15 weeks

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SERIES: https://harvestusa.org/

DESCRIPTION: Everyone outside the church is talking about sexual issues—gender identity, same-sex attraction, same-sex marriage—the world’s perspective on these issues has certainly changed over the last decade. So how do you answer questions about God’s design for sexuality for church members and their families? Is your church equipping your people to understand a biblical perspective on sexuality and form a gospel-based response to questions from both inside and outside the church?


BUY VIDEO: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-91709-contentment.aspx

LENGTH: 8 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: It can be hard to be content. Our culture encourages us to covet and consume in ways that are contrary to biblical teaching. In Contentment, Melissa Kruger defines what biblical contentment is and what it means for the Christian life. She helps Christians recognize how the cultivation of contentment is fundamentally rooted in understanding and resting in the person and work of Jesus Christ. In Him, we find ultimate contentment.

VIDEO RESOURCE: Romans by Sarah Ivill

BUY BOOK: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-6274829-romans-gospel-of-god-for-obedience-to-the-faith.aspx

ACCESS VIDEO CONTENT: https://christcovenant.org/romans/

LENGTH: 12 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: The New Testament book of Romans declares the gospel according to Paul, tracing the good news of what Jesus has done within the framework of salvation history, creation, the fall, redemption, and consummation. In this twelve-lesson Bible study, Sarah Ivill provides students of Scripture with an in-depth look at this profound epistle that explains the gospel of God and encourages them to strive for obedience to the faith.


BUY BOOK: www.pcabookstore.com/p-6275101-living-hope-a-study-of-1-peter.aspx

LENGTH: 6 Weeks

Access videos and devotional teaching here: 



BUY BOOK: https://www.pcabookstore.com/isearch3?searchterm=guthrie+empty

ACCESS VIDEO CONTENT: https://www.nancyguthrie.com/god-does-his-best-work-with-empty-products

LENGTH: 8 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: As Nancy pulls back the curtain on God’s work to fill up emptiness as revealed throughout the Bible, you’ll experience page after page of grace and hope that your emptiness can and will be filled. You’ll begin to see that God really does do His best work with empty—as he fills it with Himself.


BUY ALL FIVE BOOKS & VIDEO CONTENT: https://www.pcabookstore.com/isearch3?searchterm=seeing+jesus+in+the+Old+testament+nancy+guthrie

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ENTIRE SERIES: http://seeingjesusintheoldtestament.com/leaders.html


BUY BOOK: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-12544-from-garden-to-glory-book.aspx

BUY CHILDREN’S RESOURCE: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-12576-from-garden-to-glory-for-kids.aspx

BUY VIDEO: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-12545-from-garden-to-glory-dvd.aspx

If you buy the videos you will get a Church code to share with your women for individual viewing.

LENGTH: 10 Weeks

DESCRIPTION: From Garden to Glory is a ten-week study that will take you through this amazing story. You will marvel at the steadfast love of our God who longs to dwell with his children again as he did in the Garden—and who will stop at nothing until he does.

Old Testament Resources

Isaiah: The Holy One of Israel by Sarah Ivill

Buy the book: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-6275733-isaiah-the-holy-one-of-israel.aspx

Length: 11 weeks

Genesis: The Promised One by Nancy Guthrie

Length: 10 weeks


Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy: The Formation of God’s People by Susan Hunt

12 weeks


Deuteronomy: More Grace, More Love by George Robertson and Mary Beth McGreevy

Length: 24 weeks


Naomi: Reason to Hope by Deb McQuilken

Length: 6 weeks

1 Samuel: At His Feet Studies by Christine Gordon and Hope Blanton

Length: 16 weeks


Esther: The Hidden Hand of God by Lydia Brownback

Length: 10 weeks


Psalms: At His Feet Studies by Christine Gordon and Hope Blanton

Length: 13 weeks


Proverbs by Kathleen Nielson

Length: 11 Weeks


Daniel by Jon Nielson

Length: 13 weeks


Jonah: The Prodigal Prophet by Tim Keller

Length: 12 weeks


New Testament Resources

Our Light and Life: Identity in the Claims of Christ by Becky Kiern

Length: 14 weeks


John by Kathleen Nielson

Length: 20 weeks


Romans: At His Feet Studies byHope Blanton and Christine Gordon

Length: 28 weeks


Galatians: Sophron Studies by Melissa McPhail and Lisa Mechinger

Length: 16 weeks


Ephesians: Hinged Bible Study

Length: 12 weeks


Philippians: In All Things by Melissa Kruger

Length: 9 weeks


1 & 2 Timothy and Titus: Pastoral Letters by Susan Hunt

Length: 12 weeks


James: Steadfast by Courtney Doctor

Length: 8 weeks


1 Peter:  A Living Hope

Length: 6 weeks


Revelation by Sarah Ivill

Length: 21 weeks


Book Club Recommendations and Books about being Vitally Connected to Christ and His Church

Freedom to Flourish by Elizabeth Garn

Buy the book https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-6275640-freedom-to-flourish.aspx

Free Leader’s Guide: https://storage.googleapis.com/prpbooks/documents/pdf/leaders-guides/9781629956084-lg.pdf

Aging with Grace by Sharon Betters and Susan Hunt

Buy book and Leader’s Guide: https://www.pcabookstore.com/p-6275612-aging-with-grace.aspx

The Beautiful Community by Irwyn Ince


A Place to Belong by Megan Hill


Growing Together by Melissa Kruger


Union with Christ by Rankin Wilbourne


Beyond the Roles – Melanie Cogdill, Editor


God For Us by Abby Hutto


Praying Together by Megan Hill


Closer Than a Sister by Christina Fox


Confronting Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin


Slowly Unraveled by Rachel Craddock



Books for Young Moms

Risen Motherhood by Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen


Treasuring Christ When your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman


Walking with God through a Season of Motherhood by Melissa Kruger


Missional Motherhood by Gloria Furman


Engaging Motherhood by Holly Mackle and Linda Barrett


Idols of a Mother’s Heart by Christina Fox


Sufficient Hope: Gospel Meditations and Prayers for Mom by Christina Fox


Five Things to Pray for Your Kids by Melissa Kruger


Additional Studies

Close this windowTransformed: Life-taker to Life-Giver by Karen Hodge and Susan Hunt

Close this windowStudies in Job: Too Wonderful for Me by Emalyn Spencer

Ivill, Sarah1 Peter, 2 Peter and Jude by Sarah Ivill

Close this window1, 2, 3 John: Dearly Beloved by George Robertson and Mary Beth McGreevy

For a Bible study on the messy women in Jesus’s genealogy, please order your What’s SHE Doing Here? book from the PCA Bookstore and go to our What’s SHE Doing Here? webpage that has all of the free videos, discussion questions, and other encouraging information.

For a Bible study on the book of Ephesians, please order your Hinged Bible Study from the PCA Bookstore and go to our Hinged Bible Study webpage that has all of the free videos, discussion questions, and other encouraging information.

In an effort to serve you well, we offer these resources from a variety of PCA churches. Be encouraged that the beautiful diversity of the PCA should be reflected in the different structures of our presbyteries.  Our intention is not to prescribe any specific model, but to help you develop a structure that best serves the context of your presbytery/church.  Keep in mind that although structures are a means of needed organization, we do not live to serve the structure.

Videos, questions, and resources on key doctrines and Women’s Ministry topics

The purpose of Women’s Ministry Connection Series is to help connect women to key doctrines and Women’s Ministry topics. Use any of the videos for your own personal encouragement or share them with your Women’s Ministry to invite women to connect in conversation around these truths. Each video is paired with some questions to get you started, as well as some resources to dig deeper on the featured topics. To get started click on a topic below, watch the video, and then browse through the companion questions and resources!

The information above comes in   PDF,   Word doc,   on-site articles, off-site pages or website and links to   videos. Click the title of interest to view, download and /or print or watch.

Karen Hodge shares about the enCourage Podcast

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