Women’s Ministry Tool Box

CDM strengthens your church by connecting you to the resources you need for Women’s Ministry!

Whether you are creating a Women’s Ministry from scratch or looking for help reenergizing an existing ministry, CDM can help!  This toolbox of includes resources we have gathered from PCA churches across the country and resources our Women’s Ministry Team have developed to strengthen your church. Begin with the Foundational Resources (Click on the link below to see the resource) and then check out what is in each of the files of resources.

If you have a resource you would be willing to share or a resource you would like us to develop, we want to hear from you. Email us.

Karen Hodge shares about the enCourage Podcast

More Information about the enCourage podcast

Looking for Women’s Ministry Leadership Materials, Click below!

The information below comes in   PDF,   Word doc,   on-site articles, off-site pages or website and links to   videos. Click the title of interest to view, download and /or print or watch.

In an effort to serve you well, we offer these resources from a variety of PCA churches. Be encouraged that the beautiful diversity of the PCA should be reflected in the different structures of our presbyteries.  Our intention is not to prescribe any specific model, but to help you develop a structure that best serves the context of your presbytery/church.  Keep in mind that although structures are a means of needed organization, we do not live to serve the structure.

 Women’s Ministry Leadership (Local Church)

Videos, questions, and resources on key doctrines and Women’s Ministry topics

The purpose of Women’s Ministry Connection Series is to help connect women to key doctrines and Women’s Ministry topics. Use any of the videos for your own personal encouragement or share them with your Women’s Ministry to invite women to connect in conversation around these truths. Each video is paired with some questions to get you started, as well as some resources to dig deeper on the featured topics. To get started click on a topic below, watch the video, and then browse through the companion questions and resources!

A few times a year, CDM publishes studies and books we believe will serve the church. We are selective in the books we offer because our objective is providing churches with resources they can trust, resources that are Biblically based and relationally focused, resources that will equip and encourage individuals to grow in their faith.

We have an extensive library of resources for Women’s Ministry. We have always been committed to developing resources that are foundational to a biblical philosophy of women’s ministry. These materials are designed to teach women to think biblically about all of life, including issues specifically related to being a woman.

Women’s MInistry Leadership Development Resources

The PCA Bookstore has resources you can trust. Most are discounted, and all of them have been reviewed by our team. You can see the resources we recommend HERE

Also, here is an excellent video to watch on How to Choose Bible Study Resources by Jen Stegmann.

Listed below are some highlighted studies this year:

Beyond the Roles

God for Us

Idols of a Mother’s Heart

Slowly Unraveled

Close this windowFrom Garden to Glory by Courtney Doctor

Close this windowTransformed: Life-taker to Life-Giver by Karen Hodge and Susan Hunt

Close this windowStudies in Job: Too Wonderful for Me by Emalyn Spencer

Ivill, Sarah1 Peter, 2 Peter and Jude by Sarah Ivill

Close this window1, 2, 3 John: Dearly Beloved by George Robertson and Mary Beth McGreevy

Below are some tools from Life-giving Leadership by Karen Hodge and Susan Hunt. For additional resources, you can order Life-giving Leadership from the PCA Bookstore.

Leadership Inventory

Leadership Health Tool

Event Planning and Evaluation Tool

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