Join us in St. Louis, MO – October 19-20, 2018

It does not take much to divide us as women. Age, opinions, race, preferences, comfort, conflict or any indwelling sin can find us quickly separated from God and one another. And yet fundamentally we are more alike than different. Last words can be both precious and profound. Jesus uttered some of His last words to us on His way to the cross in His high priestly prayer, “that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” (John 17:21ESV).  You see, our unity with Him and one another is not only imperative to Christ, it is ultimately a matter of life or death…will our unity compel the world to believe in Him? Our oneness will either validate or negate the claims of the gospel. We pray you will join us at a ONE conference in 2018 where we will challenge women to think biblically rather than emotively about oneness from the truths found in John 17.

Women of all ages are invited to join us as we study God’s Word together.

St. Louis Conference Details

Registration Fees:

  • $25 – Optional Pre-Conference Training
  • $75 – Early Registration Fee (register by September 7 for the discounted rate)
  • $100 – Regular Registration (registration ends October 5, unless we sell out sooner)
  • $40 – Registration for High School and College Students (by September 7); $50 after September 7.

When you register, you will be asked for your:

  • 2 workshop choices
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Two weeks prior to the conference, you will receive a confirmation email listing your choices, along with other details about the conference.

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  • If you have registration questions, please contact Kathy at or 678-825-1132.


St. Louis, MO – October 19-20, 2018

Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church

1230 Big Bend Road

Ballwin, MO 63021



Friday Afternoon – 1:30-4:30 pm – Optional Pre-Conference Workshops ($25 additional fee)

Friday Evening – 7-9 pm – Main Conference (includes 1 plenary session with Courtney Doctor)

Saturday – 9 am-2:30 pm – Main Conference (includes 2 plenary sessions with Courtney Doctor, 2 workshop sessions, and lunch)

Keynote Speaker:

Courtney Doctor 

Courtney Doctor is an author, Bible teacher, frequent conference and retreat speaker, and periodic blogger. She received an MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2013 and is the author of From Garden to Glory: A Bible Study on the Bible’s Story (2016). Her greatest desire in all of this is to be able to faithfully study, apply, and teach the Word of God.

Courtney served as the Director of Women’s Ministry at the Kirk of the Hills PCA in Saint Louis, MO from 2014-17. She has a love for education, formerly serving on the board of directors for Providence Classical Christian Academy in Saint Louis as well as currently serving on the advisory board for Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA.

God has blessed Courtney and her husband, Craig, with four wonderful children (Austin, Bradon, Shelby, and Rebecca) as well as two amazing daughters-in-law (Ruth and Jordan) — and their first grandson, Bo!

Pre-Conference Trainings – Friday afternoon (1:30-4:30 pm) – Cost is $25

Thinking Biblically and Living Covenantally – Paula Miles

Our Women’s Ministry Training is designed to give all women a framework to think biblically about who God is and who He is calling you to be in the context of the home, church or workplace. Some of the topics covered are covenant, church, womanhood, and kingdom discipleship. You will also discover practical tools and engaging ideas for cultivating ministry among women. This training is open to all women, but we strongly encourage women’s ministry leaders/teams, Bible study leaders and other leadership women to attend.

Developing and Feeding a Love for God’s Word – Mary Beth McGreevy

“Why should I study the Bible?” Many women walking into our churches today never have. We must be able to show them why it is essential to their lives as followers of Jesus to flourish as God designed. And we must teach them how to find the food for their souls that is provided in the Scriptures. This workshop will equip you to better help yourself and others read, understand, and apply God’s Word.

Session 1 – Helping yourself and others recognize our soul’s hunger and how only the truth of God’s Word can fill it.

Session 2 – Finding the true food–the big idea–of every passage in Scripture.

Session 3 – Creating a message to communicate a passage’s big idea by clear explanation, vivid illustration and powerful application.

Strangers No More: Biblical Hospitality in Our Teaching and Learning – Jessie Swigart

Many of us enter places of teaching and learning as strangers, often full of fear and anxiety. As teachers and as learners, we worry that if we are truly known, we won’t be accepted, appreciated, or liked. We wonder if our stories will be honored, our gifts valued, and our presence desired. We fear that a new, more talented person will be a threat to our place in the community. During this time, we will explore how Biblical hospitality, the act of making oneself vulnerable to share in the needs of another, is a redemptive response to such fears and anxieties. What is more, we will explore how Biblical hospitality can open up new possibilities for growth with one another in community. Subjects to be addressed include: How does Biblical hospitality help us learn physically, mentally, and emotionally? How does Biblical hospitality ready us for the hard things God wants to do in our communities? How can Biblical hospitality free our communities to love one another in Christ?

Loving and Discipling our Covenant Children at Home and in the Church – B.A. Snider and Anna Johnson

Part 1 Gospel-centered Children’s Discipleship (B.A. Snider) – This seminar will consider how the gospel shapes everything from parenting (including discipline), to family devotions, to curriculum choice, etc. Essentially, gospel-centered discipleship recognizes parents and teachers are partnering with a sovereignly gracious God to lead them to know, love, and trust him.

Part 2 Parenting in the Covenant Community (Anna Johnson) – This seminar will consider the partnership that exists between parents and the children’s ministry of local churches. It will touch on the relational nature of covenant theology and the importance of a multi-generational view regarding children’s ministry.


You will choose 2 workshops when registering.

Shame: Naming, Understanding, and Healing That Which Seeks to Bring Disunity – Allie Vining and Dawn Jones

Disunity does not just happen. Instead, one of Satan’s greatest tools to bring about the corruption and disruption of God’s good intention for wholeness, unity, and shalom is shame. Shame infests our relationship with God and others, causing us to hide and isolate ourselves. It even goes as far as to attack the way we steward the good gifts God has given us. Together we will seek to better understand how shame is at play in our daily lives, how it disrupts our relationships and our creativity, and how we might seek to heal its deadening effect on our souls.

Stewardship-of-Self or Selfishness? – Tasha Chapman

Does daily life feel relentlessly stressful and tiring? Do your relationships with God and others suffer as a result? What does it take to serve in vocational callings and fruitful ministry over the long haul? As Christians, why might we find our professional work, service, and other callings more taxing than our unbelieving friends? Self-care is not selfish but a wise form of self-denial in order to “finish the race.” Based on the Resilient Ministry research, this workshop will explore a biblical view for pursuing our emotional, social and physical health in light of cultural pressures that push against rest and renewal.

Finding Joy in a “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” – Katie Polski

How can believers find joy in the midst of everyday trials in life?  Whether it’s the exhaustion of parenthood, a difficult boss, or a diagnosis we were not expecting, the Bible tells us that we can have joy in any and all circumstances.  Using Psalm 16, this workshop will explore what it looks like for the believer to find joy in their journey: a joy that extends beyond one’s surroundings and is rooted in the Lord’s steadfast presence. 

Making Space, Taking Time: Cultivating a Heart of Welcome – Jenilyn Swett
Whether or not our homes are Pinterest-perfect, whether sharing a meal involves cooking a lavish dinner or picking a table at Chick-Fil-A, whether we’re introverts or extroverts, whether the word “hospitality” delights us or makes us cringe, as followers of Christ we are called to make space and take time for others in our lives. How can we do that faithfully in our homes, our workplaces, and our neighborhoodsIn this workshop we’ll discuss some of the challenges and obstacles we face when it comes to making room for others and explore how the Bible speaks to these challenges. We’ll also look at some practical considerations for how we can truly welcome one another in light of who we are and where we are in life.

One Body, Many Gifts—Recognizing and Utilizing the Gifts of All Women – Laura Wagener

We are told in the Scriptures that all believers have spiritual gifts and that the Body of Christ functions best when all believers are using their spiritual gifts for the benefit of the Body. But, as leaders, do we recognize all types of gifts and find ways to help the women in our congregations put those gifts to use? And as members of the Body, do we see our own spiritual gifts and look for opportunities to use those gifts to serve the Body? Do we have a harder time seeing the spiritual gifts of believers who are different from us, whether culturally, racially, or socio-economically? Do we see the gifts of those in our midst who may have a physical or intellectual disability? In this seminar, we will take a look at what the Scriptures have to say about spiritual gifts and the utilization of those gifts for the benefit of the body. We will then explore how our women’s ministries can best recognize the gifts in the women who are part of our local body and encourage those women to use their gifts to benefit the body.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Christina Basham

It’s no secret. We are bombarded with images of airbrushed models and ads for beauty products that promise to make us firmer, smoother, smaller, longer, darker, lighter, etc. Even though we know it’s not real, many of us find ourselves adopting these distorted notions of beauty and falling short of an unrealistic ideal. No wonder people are more anxious, depressed, obsessed and dissatisfied than ever! How do we help our friends, our daughters, and ourselves to care well for our physical bodies while not being preoccupied with our appearance? Through the lens of Scripture, we will consider how embracing our individual expressions of femininity, beauty and sexuality paradoxically allows us to grow closer to one another. Women of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Our Identity in Christ:  Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced…Betrothed – Beth Brewer Barrington

How important in God’s eyes is our marital status? Often, Christians believe that happy marriage is the only way we experience our Savior’s redemption and transformation. Drawing from John 17 and Psalm 45, Beth will explore the concept of our betrothal to our Christ, and how to live with full knowledge of this true betrothal, no matter whether single or married.

Workshop Speakers:

Christina Basham received a Master of Arts in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary and is privileged to work as a professional counselor. She serves on the Women’s Ministry Team of Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowship in Saint Louis, where she worships with her husband, Paul. Despite being a Florida-native, Christina has been convinced of the merits of four seasons with a particular love for Autumn. She also enjoys writing, cooking, dancing and finding ways to be creative and resourceful.

Beth Barrington – After the tragic death of her first husband in 1995, Elizabeth Brewer Barrington went on to speak at numerous women’s retreats and teach in women’s ministry at Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church.  She loves to teach women about who they are in Christ.  In addition to teaching, she has written numerous bible studies as well as articles including one she co-authored entitled “The Importance of Theology in Marriage:  It Takes More than Love to Keep Us Together.”  Beth is now wife of beautiful-blue-eyed Jay Barrington and together they have six children and four grandchildren.  She resides in Wildwood, Missouri.

Dr. Tasha Chapman – Since 2002, Tasha has been teaching education and leadership and mentoring women students at Covenant Theological Seminary. Previously, Tasha served with international women in England, campus ministry in Atlanta, and church women’s and children’s ministries in Chicago and St. Louis. She co-authored Resilient Ministry: What Pastors Told Us About Surviving and Thriving (IVP, 2013), Negotiating Ministry: The Politics of Working with People (IVP, 2018), and contributed to Crossway’s ESV Women’s Devotional Bible. Tasha and her husband David, who also teaches at Covenant, have two adult daughters. She enjoys hiking and eating ethnic foods, having never met a chili pepper she didn’t like.

Anna Johnson‘s love for children and her desire to assist parents as they raise their children in the Lord has led to her involvement in children’s ministry for over 20 years. Anna taught in the classroom for 17 years before the Lord called her to begin working in the church – first in Tucson, AZ and now at Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO. She desires for children to learn God’s Word, to love God’s Word, and to live God’s Word – all in a nurturing and grace-filled environment. Anna’s husband Jack recently retired from serving in the United States Air Force for 22 years, and they have one daughter, Emma Grace.

Dawn Jones is a counselor, speaker, and teacher from St. Louis, MO. She currently serves as the Women’s Ministry Director for First Light, a St. Louis based ministry that helps couples and individuals heal from the impacts of sexual brokenness. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Trauma Studies Certificate from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. She obtained a Master of Arts in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary and is in the process of completing a Master of Divinity. She has a deep desire to help those who are broken find wholeness and those who are afraid find peace. In all that she does, she hopes to help others see their worth and live a full robust life in Christ.

Mary Beth McGreevy (M.M., UTSA; M. Div., Covenant Theological Seminary) is an Adjunct Professor at Covenant Seminary in the Practical Theology department, teaching non-ordination track students how to teach the Bible.  She has taught piano in her home for over 40 years, serves as Interim Director of Women’s Ministry at Covenant Presbyterian in St. Louis, and is a frequent speaker for women’s retreats and conferences.  With Dr. George W. Robertson, she has written several Bible studies available through the PCA bookstore.  Mary Beth and her husband of 43 years, Bill, love to travel together.

Paula Miles is wife to Kevin, a ruling elder at Clemson Presbyterian, and mother of Wimberly (and Charlie), Janie, Clary, and Judy. She grew up in Anderson, SC and graduated from Clemson University. Paula has experienced the joy of being both a full-time homemaker and a public school teacher. Studying and teaching God’s Word is her passion, as well as coming alongside women to encourage them to understand their unique design and fulfill their individual callings. Paula is on staff at Clemson Presbyterian as women’s ministry coordinator since 2014, is a conference speaker, and serves on the national women’s ministry team for the PCA as a women’s ministry trainer. She enjoys regular exercise, watching sporting events, and investing in the lives of her family.

Katie Polski is wife to Chris, a PCA pastor at Trinity Church in Kirkwood, MO, and together they have three children, Ella, J-Rod, and Lily. Katie works as the music director at Trinity and serves on the Women’s Ministry Committee. She also spends much of her time writing, leading women’s Bible studies, and speaking to women’s groups about the joy she has found in Christ. Katie is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts in Theology from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. For more information, as well as various blog entries, you can visit her website at

B.A. Snider has more than 20 years’ experience as a children’s director in PCA churches ranging in size from 200 to 4,000 but finds her passion is the same no matter how many children she’s serving. Show the children Jesus. Teach the kids all of the Bible so they see that the stories from the Old Testament point to Jesus and that the New Testament shows how Jesus fulfilled God’s promises—yesterday, today, and forever. B.A. began her formal ministry as a children’s director and consultant in 1993, but she has taught and led music for children since she was in junior high school. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee and taught college until the Lord called her to seminary and full-time ministry. She graduated with a master’s degree in Christian Education from Columbia International University. Speaking at conferences, consulting with leadership, and training teachers brought her to Great Commission Publications ( in 2014 as the Children’s Ministry Consultant and Marketing Director.

Jessie Swigart serves as Dean of Academic Administration and Adjunct Professor of Educational Ministries at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. There she helps steward the Seminary’s mission to equip Christ’s servants to faithfully and whole-heartedly serve the people God is redemptively bringing together in their churches and communities. Jessie is particularly passionate about helping teachers lean into the love of Christ and create spaces where God’s diverse people can learn in community, walk in obedience without the bondage of perfectionism, and listen to and learn from the stories of others. Jessie received her MA in Educational Ministries from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2008 and is taking coursework toward a PhD in Educational Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School near Chicago.

Jenilyn Swett is a daughter of God who is passionate about hospitality, education, and helping others to know God and themselves better. She believes that all of those things go hand-in-hand, and can be best accomplished when good food, good music, a whiteboard, and fresh flowers are involved. Jenilyn grew up in Minnesota, spent four post-college years in Alabama, and now calls St. Louis, Missouri home. She received her MDiv from Covenant Seminary and serves as the Director of Women’s Ministry and Adult Education at Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowship.

Allie Vining serves as the Women’s Ministry Coordinator and assists with the high school and college ministries on staff at Chesterfield Presbyterian Church. She graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2015 with a Masters in Education Ministries. Allie loves to study and teach God’s Word as it applies to life’s biggest questions and deepest longings. Allie and Drew have an infant daughter, Louisa.

Laura Wagener is first and foremost a redeemed child of the King.  She is a wife to Greg and a mother to three beautiful children, Logan, Owen, and Harper. Laura has been a member at Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri since 1993 and she and Greg have continued to worship there since their marriage in 2002. Laura served as the head of Women’s Bible Study at TOPC for seven years, and she continues to serve that ministry as a lecturer and on the Curriculum Committee.  She has taught Sunday School and provided teaching for other Women’s Ministry Events at TOPC. Laura also enjoys singing in the choir and teaching the children in Vacation Bible School each summer. More than anything, Laura’s desire is that the women of the church would know the Word and in knowing the Word would know and love their Savior more deeply.


We have a contract with the following hotel under ONE Conference:

Marriott St. Louis West – 660 Maryville Centre Drive, St. Louis, MO 63141, 314-878-2747 – $99/night, which is a great rate!

You are welcome to reserve rooms at other hotels as well.

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 You’re invited to visit Covenant Seminary! We’d love to meet you and show you around campus. Come see us anytime during the day, Friday, Oct. 19 before the conference gets started that evening.  There are many ways to benefit from all that Covenant has to offer, ranging from full degree programs (online or in-residence) to low-cost auditing rates (no homework!) to free online at-your-own-pace resources. Contact Lindsey De Jong at 314.392.4020 or to set something up. No extra time? We’ll also be at the conference! Look for our booth and swing by for a chat (and a gift!).

Are children allowed to attend? Is childcare available?

We are asking that no children (excluding infants) attend the sessions. There will not be childcare at the church.

I can only attend on Saturday. Is there a reduced rate available?

No, we are sorry, but we do not have a reduced rate available for Saturday only.

I would like to attend one of the Pre-Conference Trainings on Friday, but I cannot attend the main Conference. Is that possible?

Yes! You are welcome to attend one of the Pre-Conference Training sessions without registering for the Conference. There is a place online to register for them as well. Men and women are welcome to attend.

How do I register for the Pre-Conference Training?

When you register for the conference, there will be an option to register for the pre-conference as well.

What is the refund policy?

Registrations are transferable without penalty, but they are not refundable.

Can I transfer my registration?

Yes! You are able to transfer your registration. Transfers are the responsibility of the two parties involved. CDM is not responsible to arrange payment for transferred registration. Please email Kathy Wargo with updated information.

How do I change my workshop selections?

Once you choose your workshop, you will not be able to make changes to your registration. However, at the conference, you may attend the workshop of your choice, but we ask that you allow others who registered for that workshop to take their seats first.

When should I make my hotel reservations?

We have contracts with hotels, but our cut-off dates are well in advance of the conference so that CDM will not be responsible for any unreserved rooms. Be sure to make your reservations early for group rates.

May I stay at a location other than the recommended hotel?

Because the ONE Conferences are being held at local churches, we are not committed to filling a certain number of hotel rooms with our contract. You are welcome to stay at someone’s home or at a different hotel. The rates we have contracted with the hotel are lower than typical rates.

I’m flying to the ONE Conference. How do I get from the airport to my hotel and to the church?

It would be best to rent a car if flying because there is no mass transportation to the hotel or church.

If a Conference is filled, is there a waiting list?

Yes, if we fill a conference, you may contact Kathy Wargo to put your name on a waiting list.

What if my question hasn’t been answered?

You may contact Kathy Wargo with additional questions.

Please note: Registration fees are NOT refundable, but they are transferrable to someone else for conference registration at the same conference location. If you are transferring your registration, please send the name and email address of the person being transferred to so that we can include her in our mailings. Send information to:


It does not take much to divide us as women. Age, opinions, race, preferences, comfort, conflict or any indwelling sin can find us quickly separated from God and one another. And yet fundamentally we are more alike than different. Last words can be both precious and profound. Jesus uttered some of His last words to us on His way to the cross in His high priestly prayer, “that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” (John 17:21ESV).  You see, our unity with Him and one another is not only imperative to Christ, it is ultimately a matter of life or death…will our unity compel the world to believe in Him? Our oneness will either validate or negate the claims of the gospel. We pray you will join us at a ONE conference in 2018 where we will challenge women to think biblically rather than emotively about oneness from the truths found in John 17.

Women of all ages are invited to join us as we study God’s Word together.