Women’s Ministry Love Gift

Since 1974, women in the PCA have supported an annual love gift to promote denominational connectionalism and demonstrate our corporate helper-design as women in the church. The money is raised in various ways such as donations, fundraisers, etc.

The Women’s Love Gift has blessed committees and agencies such as MNA’s Special Needs Ministries, MTW’s efforts to support the Gonaives, Haiti, Children’s Home, and other such ministries.

Showing the annual Women’s Love Gift in your church does several things: Educates the people in the pew, promotes unity and greater understanding of the PCA, and provides good opportunities for monies to be appropriately channeled to specific ministry needs. Below you will find information on the ministry we are supporting this year.

The 2019 Women’s Ministry Love Gift

Purpose: Since the beginning of the PCA, Women’s Ministry has sought to be a helper and relational connector alongside the PCA Committees and Agencies. At its heart, the Women’s Ministry Love Gift sought to connect individual women to the greater mission of the PCA through their prayers and gifts. By God’s grace and your generosity, the annual Women’s Ministry Love Gift has raised over $1.8 million to support that work. This year, we want to expand the opportunity by inviting women to a greater involvement in what God is doing throughout the PCA through its Committees and Agencies.

This year we are asking each woman in the PCA to:

  • LEARN: Our hope is to educate women about the individual mission and vision of each PCA Committee and Agency so they will feel a part of the greater work being done through these committees and agencies. Each region will adopt a specific agency. Through our various social media and communication platforms, we will highlight how God is currently at work through each agency or committee serving God’s Kingdom, and we will connect women with the specific prayer needs of each committee.
  • PRAY: Our hope is that they will pray regularly and intentionally for their region’s adopted PCA committee and agency.
  • GIVE: In lieu of our annual Love Gift to a specific Committee or Agency, we encourage gifts to be made toward the needs of each region’s adopted Committee or Agency. Those gifts can be made by connecting to their websites. Gifts can also be designated towards CDM’s Women’s Ministry as we seek to invest in the next generation of Women’s Ministry leaders, by going to pcacdm.org / Give to CDM.

March 2019 – Southeast Region: Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM). Coordinator: Stephen Estock – www.pcacdm.org

April 2019 – Mid-America Region: PCA Foundation (PCAF). President: Randy Stair – www.pcafoundation.com

May 2019 – West Region: Ridge Haven. Coordinator: Wallace Anderson – www.ridgehaven.org

June 2019 – Mid-Atlantic Region: Administrative Committee. Coordinator: Roy Taylor – www.pcaac.org

July 2019 – Northeast Region: Mission To the World (MTW). Coordinator: Lloyd Kim – www.mtw.org

August 2019 – Mid-South Region: Covenant College. President: Derek Halvorson – www.covenant.edu

September 2019 – West Coast Region: Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). Coordinator: Rod Mays – www.ruf.org

October 2019 – Mid-America Region: Covenant Seminary. President: Mark Dalbey – www.covenantseminary.edu

November 2019 – Florida Region: Mission to North America (MNA). Coordinator: Paul Hahn – www.pcamna.org

December 2019 – Mid-Atlantic Region: PCA Retirement & Benefits (RBI). Coordinator: Gary Campbell – www.pcarbi.org

The 2018 Women’s Ministry Love Gift recipient was

PCA’s Retirement & Benefits, Inc.

Thank you for helping us raise over $110,000 toward this important ministry. RBI is still accepting donations. Here is an exciting update:

The time you have all been waiting for is finally here.  CHERISH IS LIVE!!!

Beginning today, May 28, 2019, you may begin registering for the RBI Ministerial Relief Cherish Counseling Ministry.

Click here   https://pcarbi.org/cherish-counseling/ to read about the ministry and to begin the intake process.

Here is the information in a nutshell.

What Cherish is:

  • A ministry of confidential Christian counseling for PCA pastors’ wives.
  • It consists of 7 sessions with the first 3 being completely free to the counselee.
  • Sessions 4-7 have a co-share.

What Cherish is not:

Our goal is to serve as many women as we possibly can; therefore,

  • Cherish is not designed to pick up the cost of current counseling sessions.
  • You may choose only ONE of our two counseling groups
  • The Cherish 7 sessions are available for one group only.

Each of the two counseling groups are ready and waiting to assist you with the intake process and beyond.

If you need further information after reading on the website about the ministry, please contact Vickie Poole at Vickie.poole@pcarbi.org.  She will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Ladies, it is our sincere desire that you feel nurtured, cherished, and cared for in your ministry. This is one of the ways we can help you.