Women’s Ministry
Love Gift Legacy

Seeking to leave a legacy of relationships and resources to prayerfully strengthen the Church for the next generation.

2020 Love Gift Legacy Recipients:

CDM International Women’s Ministry and MTW (Mission to the World)

We are excited to steward resources (including people resources, written resources, and financial resources) to bless the Global Church. Would you partner with us to fulfill the Great Commission by helping us go and make disciples of all nations? We understand that our missionaries can easily grow weary in well doing, so funds given will help us come alongside MTW Female Field Missionaries with resources of encouragement and equipping. Funds will also be invested to continue the work of CDM’s International Women’s Ministry to resource international women’s ministry leaders and strengthen the Global Church.


Since the beginning of the PCA, the annual Women’s Ministry Love Gift has been used by God to strengthen our denomination. Your gifts of $1.8 million over the last twenty years have helped us partner with PCA Committees and Agencies. We appreciate the many ways you and your churches have partnered with us to promote greater connectionism and seek to leave a life-giving legacy.

Leave a Legacy:

Here are some ways you can partner with us in 2020:


…the Love Gift Legacy Video in your church on Sunday morning or at a women’s Bible study or women’s gathering.


…the video (link to the Video) and the bulletin insert: Love Gift Legacy Insert

…the Love Gift Legacy logo (to use in promotional materials…see below)


…Plan with your Church’s leadership to take up a collection after you show the video.

…Churches and individuals can give online or send checks made payable to CDM with “Love Gift Legacy” on the memo line to:

…All funds for the Love Gift Legacy will go to CDM to be distributed, regardless of the partner agency.


…the MTW missionaries your local church supports and work on a project that will provide refreshment for them.

  1. Set aside time at Women’s Bible Study to write notes of encouragement.
  2. Find out when they will be home on furlough and seek to meet their physical needs.
  3. Ship resources (books or Bible studies) to them that have blessed your women’s ministry…and include a few other special gifts from home in a care package.
  4. Schedule a video call with them to help educate your women on how they can pray for them on the field.
  5. Share the enCourage blog posts or podcasts (insert link to page) with them so they get a weekly dose of enCouragement and can stay connected to their sisters back home.


…that God would help us partner together financially to bless the Global Church.


The project will be coordinated with the International Director of each of the 5 regions, along with an MTW female liaison. The project’s focus will be to encourage and equip MTW female field missionaries and their female national partners. These projects will focus on sharing a legacy of resources (written and people) and the cultivating of relationships.

Africa, Europe, The Americas (South, Latin, North), Asia/Pacific, and Global Muslim Ministries. Each region will receive the same proportion of the gift.

There are couples who have been called to serve as MTW missionaries, as well as many single female missionaries on the field.

There are only PCA churches in North America…but we have been asked to work with MTW missionaries and other Reformed Denominations.

Connie Miller serves as the International Women’s Ministry Advisor on our National Women’s Ministry team (a volunteer position). She helps facilitate the equipping of Global Women’s Ministry Leaders (MTW and other Reformed Denominations around the world).

No, the funds do not go to specific missionaries’ support accounts. The funds will be given as a one-time gift to each Region to be used in 2021. We will follow up to let you know how the funds were used in each Region.

Please contact Kathy Wargo, kwargo@pcanet.org or 678-825-1132, if you have questions.

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