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New Position of Advisor for International Women’s Ministry on National Women’s Ministry Team

Advisor for International Women’s Ministry:
Connie Miller – 20 years as a Women’s Ministry Trainer and speaker


  • To provide denominational resources for international reformed churches seeking to develop, disciple, connect people to people and people to resources.


  • To develop partnerships with key leaders/churches of the reformed faith for open doors to disciple women in their native languages to think biblically and live covenantally through a Biblical Philosophy of ministry using the doctrinal pillars of Covenant, Church, Biblical Womanhood, Titus II ministry and help develop/revitalize, organize and/or train individual women’s ministries to help build a strong church.
  • To work with the Coordinator of Women’s Ministry to prayerfully vet potential ministry partnership and ministry commitments.
  • To help match the needs of a ministry opportunity with the appropriate gifts and graces of our women’s ministry leaders and then mobilize teams with those key leaders to help meet those needs.


  • To develop biblically sound, healthy, robust reformed churches around the world specifically through the on-going training, discipleship and partnering with international church’s pastors and their female members.


  • To partner spiritually and financially with Christ Covenant Church as Connie’s sending church and with ministry opportunities that already present themselves as she ministers alongside her husband, Mike Miller, their Missions Pastor.
  • Training women who will intentionally seek to train other women by inviting them to our annual Women’s Ministry Training and/or by sending teams of trained Women’s Ministry leaders to countries.
  • Seeking to partner with publishers and prioritizing the resources published through CDM for translation of key foundational resources for the purposes of ongoing discipleship and sustainable women’s ministry.

Key partners where we already have an established relationship:

  • Mike Miller, Missions Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, NC
  • Lloyd Kim, Coordinator MTW
  • Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, NC
  • Ed Norton, Global Outreach Pastor, Independent PC, Memphis, TN
  • Niel Meio, Leader of Wenzhou delegation, China
  • Steffan Mueller, Church Planter, Munich Germany
  • Ligon Duncan, Chancellor, RTS, Jackson, MS
  • Susan Hunt, International Women’s Speaker
  • Ralph Cunningham, Church Planter, Manchester, England
  • Stephan Murray, Church Planter, Capetown, South Africa
  • Javier Gil, Church Planter, Cali, Colombia, South America
  • Kathryn Stephens, Women’s Initiatives Colombia Partnership
  • Athol Renny, Church Planter, Edinburg, Scotland
  • Norman McKay, Church Planter, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Kilkenny Presbyterian, Ireland
  • Donnie St. Germaine, El Shaddai Ministries Haiti
  • Sammy Foucheshon, Pastor, Paris, France
  • Harry Reeder, Senior Pastor, Briarwood PC, Birmingham AL
  • Walter Wood, Redeemer- City to City, (US), New York, NY
  • Al Barth, Redeemer, City to City, (International), New York, NY
  • Rowan Cowen, Church Planter, Lethbridge, Canada
  • Wes Baker, Pastor, Tre Golo, Peru
  • Fanny de Gomez and Patricia Saladin – “Aviva Nuestros Corazones” (Revive our Hearts Spanish Women’s Ministry) Women’s Ministry leaders in Latin America
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