Women’s Ministry Resources from CDM

At CDM, we have always been committed to developing resources that are foundational to a biblical philosophy of women’s ministry. These materials are designed to teach women to think biblically about all of life, including issues specifically related to being a woman:

Life-giving Leadership by Karen Hodge and Susan Hunt 

Jesus modeled a different kind of leadership. His leadership brought life to His followers, and our leadership should too. But how can our leadership be life-giving when it can so easily be life-taking? Susan and Karen challenge us to:
• Think biblically and lead covenantally
• Find our confidence in Christ, not ourselves
• Set our purpose on eternal goals instead of specific tasks
• Reflect Jesus, not agendas
• Lead with prayer & wisdom
• Seek covenantal community
• Submit to God and the complementarian leadership of the church

Life-giving leadership is grounded in God’s Word, filled with the purpose of glorifying God, relationally driven and decidedly different than anything the world teaches us about leadership. Practical, inspiring and filled with stories of women, like you, who want to know how to lead in a way that reflects Christ.

Transformed: Life-Taker to Life-Giver by Karen Hodge and Susan Hunt 

Deep in our hearts, we know our influence within each situation and relationship. Sometimes we are life-givers and sometimes life-takers. This 10-week personal or group Bible study takes us on a transformational journey. Key biblical passages, gospel-centered devotions, Scripture based prayers, and heart-penetrating questions celebrate the power of the gospel to transform God’s daughters into women who give life to their relationships.

Titus 2 Tools by Susan Hunt 

As an older woman entrusts the truths of the gospel to a younger woman, it is a sacred stewardship moment. Will she be a cul-de-sac or a conduit of these truths? Will she turn inward or outward looking for those who are a bit older or younger in their spiritual journey or life? The culmination of many years of teaching about, writing about and more importantly living out the reality of spiritual mothering, this book contains the answers to the most common questions in Women’s Ministry. This tool will help women to be wise stewards of the gospel imperative found in Titus 2: to teach what accords with sound doctrine. This book is a sharp tool by which lives, homes, workplaces, marriages, friendships and churches will be transformed.

  Women’s Ministry in the Local Church by Susan Hunt and Ligon Duncan

In a time of confusion and uncertainty, authors Susan Hunt and Ligon Duncan walk women through the Scriptures to help them better understand what it means to have an effective, biblical women’s ministry in the church. The benefits of women’s ministries are great: training and discipling, evangelizing, and reaching out to the poor and needy. This book written by seasoned ministry leaders provides many proven tools to help start, or further develop, a women’s ministry in your church.

Leadership for Women in the Church by Susan Hunt and Peggy Hutchison

This book is written to help Christian women identify and focus their leadership capabilities on tasks that need to be undertaken in the church. It is also written to help Christian men recognize and facilitate the use of leadership abilities of women in the church. This book will help to develop leadership skills among the women’s ministry team.

Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt

Titus 2 calls women to minister to women younger in the faith. This is a very practical book filled with suggestions and examples of how this can be done. Women will be challenged to put the teaching of Titus 2 into action. Both biblical and modern-day examples are used to illustrate the principle of older women “caring for” younger women in the church.

By Design, God’s Distinctive Calling for Women by Susan Hunt

Woman’s “helper design” uniquely equips her for ministries of mercy. This study shows the value of men and women partnering in church ministry, and it explores the implications of woman’s creational design in the various seasons of life.

The True Woman by Susan Hunt

Here is the beauty and strength of a godly woman. This book contrasts the true woman with the new woman, and examines the standard and virtues of the true woman. Maybe you’ve heard God’s call to change the world, but weren’t sure how to maximize the opportunities God has given you. Maybe society’s definition of “true womanhood”–claiming it’s about reproductive rights, doing things “your way,” assuming the power, and gaining control of your life–has clouded your view of who you are in Christ. Or maybe you’ve just been waiting for a little encouragement and inspiration. In any case, author Susan Hunt says, “Start now.”

Treasures of Encouragement by Sharon Betters

The freedom that springs from a secure identity in Christ can enable you to reach out. As one who has suffered much, Sharon offers stories, principles, and examples to help build up both you and your church through the ministry of encouragement.

The Legacy of Biblical Womanhood by Susan Hunt and Barbara Thompson

Whose responsibility is it to disciple women in the biblical image of womanhood? Hunt and Thompson believe this important job belongs to the church–and they offer practical advice on starting a “spiritual mothering” ministry in your congregation. Discover the joy that comes from “passing the baton” of faithfulness to the next generation!

Heirs of the Covenant by Susan Hunt 

Finally, a covenantal approach to Christian education that equips parents, teachers, and pastors to pass on a legacy of faith to the next generation. A strategic title for all those interested in reaching the rising generation for Christ.

Prayers of the Bible by Susan Hunt 

This is a Bible study for women that establishes foundational biblical principles of true womanhood and then explores prayers recorded in the Bible with the objective of equipping women to call on God in truth. Prayer is our direct means of communication with God. Yet many people are unsure how to pray. Is there a specific way to do it? Are there any examples we can study? Just where do you go to learn about prayer? Go to the Bible. Specifically, go to the prayers in the Bible. Each prayer passage in this book comes with an outline, questions to focus your thoughts, a prayer story, practical suggestions for prayer, and suggestions for personal reflection.