Here are the tools you need to accurately depict the mission and work of Covenant Seminary to the world.

Organizational Guidelines

1. Core Purpose: CDM strengthens the church by connecting people to people and people to resources for discipleship that is  word-based and relationally driven (Matthew 28:19) among children, youth, and adults in the congregation.

2. Mission: Our mission is to glorify and enjoy God by serving the members and churches of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) as they seek to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19).

3. Vision: Our vision is to strengthen the Church by encouraging and equipping leaders and  being a “hub” for resources (people and materials) that members in a local church can use as they seek to lead others to a deeper knowledge of Christ. We want to connect people with people and people with resources in order “to equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12).

4. What we do: We connect leaders. God has blessed the Church with human resources. Our desire is to connect leaders with leaders and leaders with learners, so that resources can be developed and shared with the purpose of leading others to a deeper knowledge of Christ. We provide training. A follower of Christ is one who is always learning. CDM staff, trainers, and associates work with individuals and groups in local churches to improve the ministry of discipleship. We seek to help leaders identify best practices for their particular context and need. We provide resources. CDM desires to equip the members of the local church with quality materials for Bible studies, small group meetings, and educational programs. The PCA Bookstore is a ministry of CDM that provides books, materials, and curriculum for those serving in the local church. We also serve the PCA by overseeing the work of Great Commission Publications (GCP), which produces curriculum for children, youth, and adults. GCP is jointly owned by the PCA and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC).

сом colors #1П88ад #785992 Enra colors #дпсам #B1393al #7С6752 #с65628 #25408t

CDM Colors:

PMS colors.

Blue: 7460
Green: 376
Purple: #785992
Brown: #7c6752

For Love Gift Legacy:

Purple: 875270
Gray Blue: 54636c

enCourage: Coneria Script


Blue: 82,35,24,1
Green: 56,14,100,1

Web Hex color:
Green: #80ad40
Blue: #1d88a9

Graphic Development (for conferences or podcasts):

  • 5.5 X 8.5 Conference Program Cover
  • 1260 px  X 144 px –Banner for website
  • 575 px X 536 px  Featured Image for website
  • 2100 px X 361 px –Banner for Conference page
  • Social Media: 1200 pixels square with 1:1 aspect ratio
          • 1200 X 675 pixels
          • 1200 X 628 pixels
          • 1080 X 1080  pixel sq post
  • 4 X 6 Postcard
  • Additional printables:  poster, slide show template

Here are the specs for ad if someone inquires:

Ad size is to be Full page 5.5×8.5 with .125 inch bleeds, 300dpi on the images, all colors must be 4 color process and submitted as a press/print ready PDF (with crop marks and bleeds showing). (This is the preferred ad format, however, we can expect .tiff or hi-res jpgs.)

Full page ad is 8.5 x 11″ with .125 inch bleeds, 300 dpi on the images, all colors must be 4 color process and submitted as a press/print ready PDF (with crop marks and bleeds showing).

2. Key Colors

BLUE            GREEN

(PMS)            7460                  376

(CMYK)           82,35,24,1             56,14,100,1

(HEX COLOR    )    #1d88a9             #80ad40

3. Additional Palette Options

GREEN            ORANGE        RED

#80ad40        #c65e28            #b1393a

56,14,100,1       17, 74, 100, 5        22, 90, 79, 12

PURPLE        BLUE            BROWN

#785992        #1d88a9        #7c6752

62, 74, 15, 1,        82,35,24,1          46, 52, 67, 22

Extra     Dark Blue: 100, 100, 27, 21


Extra     Teal:  40, 3, 38, 0


Extra     Yellow:  9, 10, 61, 9


All colors can be used for all ministries, but if there is to be a dominate color for one particular ministry it can tend to the ministry color on the web and this list. Any colors used in promoting an event/ministry need to use at least two of these colors to maintain a consistent look the CDM brand.

Kinds of Images

Images are a vital part of our communication. We want to use images that focus on personal connection and that invite our audience to be a part of what we are doing by using images that don’t have faces or that are taken from behind so that the viewer feels a part of the picture. Pictures should be of people that are ethnically diverse and who represent a variety of ages.

Consistent Style for Images  

Pictures should be soft and muted.

Fonts and Type Faces (When do you use the different type faces? And what font size when?)

Source Sans (all weights)

SignPainter-House Script