Strengthening the church to make disciples

Fall 2022

CDM strives to encourage and equip leaders in the local church to make disciples among the children, youth, and adults in the congregation. We long to see a culture of discipleship that emphasizes God’s Word bearing fruit in thevcontext of rich relationships.

The CDM website is a great place to find the latest information about upcoming opportunities to gather for training and encouragement. You will also find resources and tools to help you in your ministry.


Life-giving Refreshment from the Lord’s Prayer

In May, CDM again offered a video and book resource for small group Bible studies for women. Karen Hodge wrote Breathe, a 6-lesson study on the Lord’s Prayer. About 3,000 people participated from all over the PCA and beyond.

The response has been encouraging:

I honestly never realized the amazing implications when I pray the Lord’s Prayer. It has opened up an entirely new posture of prayer in my life.

The age difference in our group was beautiful. We had great discussions on the value of community.

This was such a good study. We were encouraged in our relationship with God and motivated to spend more time in prayer.

“The Good Shepherd” Virtual Conference

Since last year’s GROW virtual training served so many children’s ministry leaders, CDM planned another one for 2022, kicking off with a live videocast on August 19-20. This year’s theme was “The Good Shepherd” and featured plenary presentations and 10 video workshops by members of the CDM Children’s Ministry Team.

Julie Cordes is Director of Children and Family Ministries at Grace PC in Peoria, IL, and a 2020 graduate of the CDM Certification program. Julie reported, “The GROW virtual conference was such a good gift to me because it helped me succeed in training my people.” Because CDM provided the content, she was able to focus on nurturing relationships among the members of her team. Julie wrote, “It brought unity. It brought excitement.”

The Good Shepherd’s Pasture in the UK

In March of 2021, a young woman from Ipswich, England contacted CDM. She had met Elizabeth Harwell through a virtual conference and was interested in Elizabeth’s book The Good Shepherd’s Pasture, published by CDM. She wanted copies for the families in her church, but shipping costs were prohibitive.

Over the last few years, CDM staff members have developed a relationship with CEO Jonathan Carswell at 10 of Those, a publishing company based in the UK. Jonathan agreed to vouch for CDM with a printer they use in the UK, who provided a very reasonable quote for printing and shipping in the UK. After CDM adjusted the book measurements to the metric system and worked through the international money transfer, children’s ministry leaders in the UK were able to receive 150 copies of The Good Shepherd’s Pasture and 50 copies of Elizabeth’s second book, The Good King’s Feast.

CDM’s Ministry Impact

Women’s Ministry

enCourage podcast continues to equip and encourage many. Each episode averages 2,000 downloads.

The Spring 2022 season was GRID: Thinking Biblically and Living Covenantally. The interview with Susan Hunt was very popular.

The Fall 2022 season was Sanctuary Spectacles, exploring how different women view the community of the Church.

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Children’s Ministry

2022 GROW Virtual Conference—100+ churches from 29 states + Germany

CDM Certification—100+ graduates; 28 in the 2022 class; 20+ registered for the 2023 class

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RESOURCES – New Publications

Addressing Abuse: A Theological and Practical Guide by the PCA Ad Interim Committee on Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault

In 2019, the General Assembly formed an ad interim committee to help PCA leaders better understand and biblically respond to issues of domestic abuse and sexual assault in our churches. This resource is the committee’s report that was presented to the 2022 Assembly.

PCA 50th Celebration Prayer Calendar for Families

As the PCA celebrates 50 years of God’s faithfulness, CDM has partnered with the other Committees and Agencies to produce a desk tent-calendar to help families learn about and pray for the denomination throughout 2023.

Knowing His Great Name

This Bible study is designed for men and women. The 12 lessons explore the character of God as expressed through the names He uses in Scripture.


Reachout Adventures SUMMER SEAQUEST VBS

Summer Seaquest uses the story of Jonah to introduce children to the one true God and present the gospel using the Salvation Sea Crossing.


This ministry update gives you a brief (and partial) update on what God is doing through the staff and ministry teams of CDM. Please join us in giving thanks for His blessings. At CDM, we want to see every PCA church develop a culture of discipleship that is centered on God’s Word and the development of rich relationships in the Body of Christ.

God provides for this ministry through your prayers and gifts. Thank you for partnering with us to serve the PCA. Please continue to support CDM as we seek to “connect people to people and people to resources.”

Stephen T. Estock

Coordinator, PCA’s Discipleship Ministries