Strengthening the church to make disciples

Spring 2023

CDM strives to equip and encourage leaders in the local church to make disciples among the children, youth, and adults in the congregation. We long to see a culture of discipleship that is characterized by God’s Word bearing fruit in the context of deep relationships.

The CDM website is a great place to find current information about our ministry. You will also find resources and tools designed to help you in your ministry.


Interview with Charles Dunahoo, former CEP Coordinator

CDM joins with people around the denomination to celebrate 50 years of God’s faithfulness to the PCA. Under the original name of Christian Education and Publications (CEP), CDM was one of the four original committees of the Assembly. Through the years, our mission has remained the same: helping leaders make disciples through ministry to children, youth, and adults.

To celebrate this milestone, we asked former CEP Coordinator, Dr. Charles Dunahoo, to reflect on the past, present, and future of discipleship ministry in the PCA.

In what ways did you see God work through CEP/CDM to make disciples in the PCA?

Charles: Through training and curriculum, God enabled leaders to understand the principles of “kingdom discipleship.” Followers of Jesus must always remember God is working to build His kingdom, providing gifts and arranging each member to serve the purposes of God in every generation.

What moves your heart to give thanks as you reflect on being a leader in the PCA?

Charles: The PCA developed in a culture of post-modernism. As one of the younger founders, I was able to remind my generation that truth is real and really matters. I had the opportunity to help leaders understand Christianity is a way of life with a world and life view. The role of Coordinator provided opportunities to speak and shape resources to help the Church in this age.

In the face of many challenges, what encouragement do you have for today’s leaders?

Charles: We must always resist the temptation to rely on things other than the preaching and teaching of God’s Word to make disciples. Leaders must strive to help members of every generation understand biblical doctrine and how it applies to all of life. That’s why discipleship ministry, then and now, is vital to the health of the Church.

If you would like to read other stories from PCA founders, along with interesting facts about the history of the denomination, go to

Charles Dunahoo along with the original CEP coordinator,
Paul Settle in the early years of the PCA

RESOURCES – New Publications

Connecting you to helpful ministry resources and creating them to serve the needs of the PCA.

NEW for Children’s Ministry and Families

His Name Is Great
by Rachel Ann Craddock

This book helps parents answer these questions: “Who’s God?” “What’s He like?” Each page considers a different name God uses in Scripture and then explains how that name reveals His divine character.

PCA Summer Women’s Bible Study

entrusted TO BE invested
by Karen Hodge and Susan Hunt

A new study is based on Susan Hunt’s earlier work in 1 Timothy. This revised and updated version explores the vital role women play in the life and ministry of the Church. Join others as they use this six-week study over the summer or fall.

NEW CDM Book on Prayer

Praying with Paul
by Dr. James Simoneau

Paul’s letters include prayers for God’s people. In this devotional book, PCA pastor Jim Simoneau helps modern readers use these Spirit-inspired words to enrich their own prayer life.

CDM’s Ministry Impact

Join us in celebration

In March, CDM received a grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help establish the “Teach Us to Worship” program of curriculum and training. The program is funded through Lilly Endowment’s Nurturing Children Through Worship and Prayer Initiative. The aim of the national initiative is to support faith-based organizations as they help children grow in faith and deepen their relationships with God.

CDM will use this grant to enhance and expand the “Teach Me to Worship” curriculum developed in 2015. This new effort will seek to engage and inspire members and leaders to nurture a discipleship culture that intentionally integrates children into corporate worship.

CDM is one of 26 organizations, from a broad spectrum of Christian traditions, taking part in the initiative. Lilly Endowment launched the Nurturing Children Initiative in 2022 as part of its commitment to support efforts that strengthen the religious education and formation of children and enhance the vitality of Christian congregations.

CDM Student Ministry

A certification program combining theological and practical training for staff and volunteers through a combination of webinars, readings, and projects. Beginning September ’23.

A national conference for leaders in student ministry. New City PC in Ferndale, MI, October 16-18, 2023. For more information go to

Partnership with MNA-ESL and the 2023 Love Gift Legacy

In 2004, God worked through the Women’s Love Gift to provide $78,000 for Mission to North America to advance English as a Second Language (ESL) ministries throughout the PCA. Twenty years later, God has provided another opportunity to advance this vital work by collecting funds to produce a new life skills curriculum that reflects biblical views to better serve PCA churches. If you would like to help with this exciting opportunity, go to

At CDM, we desire to see a denomination shaped by a culture of discipleship centered on God’s Word and committed to transformative relationships in the covenant community. We want people in the PCA to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge in order to be filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:19).

Our work depends on the generosity of God through people like you. Thank you for partnering with us to serve the local church. Please continue supporting our work to connect leaders to the people and resources they need to make disciples.

Dr. Stephen T. Estock
Coordinator, PCA’s Discipleship Ministries