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For CDM, publishing is a partnership between our authors and our team.

CDM’s vision is to strengthen the Church by providing biblical resources that promote a biblical worldview that is anchored in the inerrant Word of God, centered on the Gospel, and in agreement with the doctrines taught in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Due to the unique nature of our ministry to promote discipleship in the local church, we are very selective in the resources we publish. We see authors as discipleship partners, and we hope to not only invest the time and energy of the CDM team, but we hope to help develop the next generation of writers, who will develop dependable resources for the church. We are currently  accepting manuscript proposals for studies designed for children, youth, and adults.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript proposal in keeping with the mission stated above, CDM welcomes your proposal in the following areas:

Studies for children, youth, women, men, or seniors

Discipleship Resources for Small Groups 

General Bible Studies (6-10 weeks max.)

Resources for Churches, Pastors, or Leaders

Below are the resources you need to partner with CDM in publishing:

Preparing Your Manuscript

Manuscript Submission Proposal

Still have questions? Contact our Publications Coordinator, Marlys Roos.