Anyway and Always


Anyway and Always: A Story of Unconditional Love By Bryan and Kathy Chapell - PCA When Katy disobeys, her daddy explains that his love for her is an example of God’s love for His people. This newly illustrated revision of Anyway and Always by Bryan and Kathy Chapell presents the [...]

Anyway and Always2021-04-16T15:08:26-05:00

Anchoring Your Child to God’s Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture


Helping Our Children Embrace Their Calling to Godly Manhood or Womanhood Includes discussion questions for discipleship groups Today’s world is constantly sending our children unbiblical messages about gender identities, gender roles, same-sex attraction, and sexual fulfillment. Gender fluidity, which is at the core of many of these views, denies the sovereignty [...]

Anchoring Your Child to God’s Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture2021-07-29T09:14:15-05:00

Children in Communion


Article by Dennis Bennett This may sound like a dangerous topic in our circles, but there is so much we are missing. We do not allow children to take the elements, but why do we ignore them while the rest of us participate? Let's think through some history. In Jewish homes throughout the centuries, the Passover was [...]

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Off the Beaten Path


  Article by Sue Jakes   “People often ask me why I take so many detours when I speak. I just tell them it’s because those I’m trying to reach don’t live on the highway.” As a parent and an educator, I sat there thinking about how hard we try to get children to move onto [...]

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You Are My Friends


  Article by Sue Jakes I remember when I first began teaching high school students thirty years ago. I was told never to smile before Christmas and to make sure they knew who was boss. I was quite young then, so there was “some” wisdom in those words. However, now as I teach our high school [...]

You Are My Friends2017-07-06T15:43:26-05:00

God’s Story Bible Coloring Book


Article by Sue Jakes The newest SHOW ME JESUS curriculum support from Great Commission Publications is a 300+ page God's Story Bible Coloring Book. However it is much, much more than a coloring book. Along with the 158 reproducible Bible pictures for coloring are 158 pages filled with activities and classroom helps for teaching the story [...]

God’s Story Bible Coloring Book2019-08-15T17:55:30-05:00

The Jesus Storybook Bible


Article by Sue Jakes If you do not yet own the Jesus Storybook Bible, you have missed out on the top-seller in children’s books in the last two years. Why is everyone in children’s ministry so energized by this book? There are hundreds of children’s story Bibles. What makes this one special? “Every story whispers his [...]

The Jesus Storybook Bible2017-07-06T16:07:05-05:00
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