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Engaging Disability Ministry: Making the gospel–the good news of the coming of the Kingdom–accessible to all, in word and deed.

Special Needs – “Engaging Disability”

Why We Need Special Needs Ministries

When we read about how Jesus engaged people with disabilities, or reflect on Paul’s passages on the value of diversity in the Body of Christ, or realize the centrality of the image of God (in every person) to the message of the Scripture—how has the Church, for so many years, missed the opportunity to minister to and come alongside people touched by disability? The Church as she often operates today is essentially disabled. She is attempting to function without all of her intended parts.

Many PCA churches are seeking to reach out to people in their communities by sharing the Gospel in word and deed. People with disabilities live in every community in America—but we have to choose to see them first. MNA Engaging Disability is here to serve PCA churches—by helping them to see people with disabilities as people first. People in need of the Gospel. People requiring practical supports and genuine encouragement.

At MNA Engaging Disability, an outreach of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), our purpose is “making the gospel—the good news of the coming of the kingdom—accessible to all, in word and deed.” We desire to see the body of Christ made more complete by evangelizing and authentically integrating people with disabilities and their families into the life and mission of the church. We do this by offering services to congregations that Engage, Educate, Equip and Encourage them in ministering to and alongside people with disabilities and their families.

Need More Information?

For more information to help you and your church begin, continue and grow special needs ministry, visit the Engaging Disability website.