Article by Dennis Bennett

Over the 37 years of CEP’s existence we have published hundreds of pieces of material and thousands of articles. We are committed to making the best and most helpful resources available to you. Let me explain.

With the advent of electronic publishing, CEP is now offering many of its publications in a downloadable format. Tim Witmer, from Westminster Seminary (PA) has produced a manual for mentoring those in presbytery internships (Presbytery’s Guide to Mentoring Interns). This can be downloaded by any presbytery. It can even be altered to fit specific needs. A manual is also available in print form for the intern (A Manual for Pastoral Interns).

Many of our Leader’s Guides once offered for sale are now available FREE as a download.

CEP has published many Bible studies over the years. Many of these are being revised and updated, using the ESV translation.

New Bible studies are being produced each year, and while we welcome manuscripts, we ask you to review the list of what we expect and are looking for in how we are attempting to develop them. For example: beginning with Christ’s redemptive story and not us! (For more information on this click here).


Commentaries: We are gearing up to offer commentaries that will be helpful companions to the Bible studies we publish. Watch for these in the near future.

We have also been working with our Great Commission Publications arm to produce a focused plan for long-term discipleship. When you go to school you start in the lowest grade and progress with learning. This plan for discipleship starts with the non-Christian and new Christian providing materials for them to study and begin their growth in Christian living. This plan, or curriculum, works through each level of spiritual growth and even takes it so far as to the developing of new leadership in the church. However, if you have not read Making Kingdom Disciples by Charles Dunahoo (#6933) you need to start there for a complete understanding of what discipleship is all about (to view the curriculum, click here).


All of the above resources are designed for personal and group study. They are written from a biblically reformed kingdom perspective including a Christian world and life view.


As we have and continue to publish these materials, our aim is not simply to increase one’s knowledge and understanding but also one’s living and experiencing the truths of the Word.