Day 29 –30 Days of Gratitude in Philippians

with Parker James & Solomon Smothers, Church Planters Athens, GA

Prayer Points:

  • Thank God for those in your life who have shared your trouble.

  • Thank God for the opportunities He gives you to sacrifice what is best for you, so you can care for someone else.

  • Thank God that He can use you to be a blessing to someone, that you can be His hands and feet in a tangible way to serve others.

  • Thank God that your sacrifices are an eternal investment which glorifies God, and that your sacrifice creates space for God’s increased presence in your life.

  • Thank God that you can look to Him to meet your needs and that the riches of Christ far surpass the best this world has to offer.

  • Ask God for contentment, for eyes to see His blessings, and for a heart filled with gratitude for His presence in your life.