Article by Sue Jakes


sue.jpgThe Covenant of Grace. How do we teach this great doctrine of our faith? God is with us. How does God in his Word teach this great promise to us? He definitely uses all of the learning styles. Abraham heard the voice of God and the people heard the thunder at Mount Sinai. God illustrates the vast reaches of his promise through the stars in the sky. The Israelites travel through the wilderness guided by a cloud and pillar of fire. And over and over, they experience the physical reality of his presence as he protects and provides for their bodily needs. It is a spoken covenant, sealed with a physical and visible sign.

“God has told us stories. He has given us cherished keepsakes. There is a family history with celebrations and traditions that must be embraced and enjoyed by His family. There is a family treasure to discover and share. And there is plenty to go around. We don’t have to squabble over this inheritance. In this economy, the more you give, the more you have.” Heirs of the Covenant, by Susan Hunt.


On Volume 1 of PSALMS, HYMNS AND SPIRITUAL SONGS FOR KIDS (GCP) there is a precious song entitled, “Covenant Child”. This is a wonderful song to teach children of all ages. Take the time to explain all of the meaning behind phrases like “claimed as God’s own.” Have someone teach the children to sign this song as they sing it. It becomes a beautiful sight and sign of what it means to be a chosen child of God. One of our young couples had the children sing and sign this at the baptism of their baby. It sent such a powerful message that it has become a tradition at all our covenant baptisms.


If we are teaching our students that church is family because of God’s covenant promise to us, the church should do what families do. Families take pictures and remember.

With today’s technology, reproducing pictures and memory book pages is very inexpensive. How about a class project – A covenant family album. Buy some disposable cameras for all of your students. Give them the assignment to catch on film the fellowship and works of service in their church. Start with pictures of all the Sunday school classes working together, gathered around the teacher. After the film is developed you can scan pictures into a computer and come up with a great memory book for every child. They may want to write their own copy to give the book a personal touch.


Go through your church directory praying for every family by name, one each week. During class make a special card to send to that family telling them that you have prayed for them. Invite the elders and deacons to class to give their testimony. Have questions ready for the children to ask when they come. What is your vocation? What are the names of your family members? What is your favorite hobby, book, sport, etc.? We know these things about our biological family members. Let’s extend the boundaries and really get to know our church family. Give a family party. Each child will make an invitation inviting its family to the class party. Have each household bring something to see, hear, and do that demonstrates important characteristics of their family.

But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ. Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household.” (Ephesians 2:19)