Investigating God’s Word at Home Series

by Dr. John C. Kwasny

You shall teach them [God’s commands] diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the say, and when you lie down, and when you rise. — Deuteronomy 6:7

How do you move from a Children’s Bible to teaching your children to read the actual Bible? How do you connect Scripture to theology and real life?

God’s Word is so rich, and we want to make it accessible to all ages, but it can be daunting. Investigating God’s Word at Home Series breaks the Bible into small and digestible pieces so that our children can wrap their minds and hearts around its truth. The 14-Volume Study will take your family on a journey through Scripture including both the Old and New Testament so that your children will get to see how God’s promises from Genesis to Revelation still apply to them.

Each lesson has 5 parts:

  • Opening —a question to spark your children’s curiosity

  • Drill Time —to introduce each day’s questions

  • Scripture Memory

  • W.O.W.—a word of the week that will equip your children with a theological vocabulary

  • Bible Investigation —what includes the fullness of Scripture broken down into small bites with comprehension and application questions to keep your child engaged in God’s Word

More about the book

Investigating God’s Word at Home Series

John Kwasny has eight children. He knows firsthand how busy life can be. Making time to sit down and read God’s Word with our children is a challenge in most homes. We want to show our children that God’s Word is exciting and that it applies to our everyday life, but equipping them to read the historical, poetic, and wisdom literature found in the Bible can be met with opposition. This series will help your family move from a children’s storybook Bible to the unfiltered Bible in a way that will encourage your children to see the depth and richness of Scripture.

Each lesson divides the passage into smaller bites that keep children engaged in the story. In volume one, you will follow the story of creation and the suffering of Job so that your children will see God’s sovereignty and divine design in the world around them. Subsequent volumes will take them both the Old and New Testaments.

“I strongly believe in formal Bible education for my children. This resource is well organized and easily structured for a parent to pick it up and start teaching their children.

~Rev. Wilson Shirley

“Investigating God’s Word at Home curriculum has been an enjoyable tool to use with our family devotions. Our sons look forward to the detailed lessons and pre-lesson activities. It has been a blessing to see them learn God’s word.”

~April DePoyster

“We use this in place of the Bible curriculum included with our homeschool. I love the way it brings you through the Scriptures rather than piecing out little devotionals or inspiring passages taken out of context. God’s Word is a whole work and we should study it that way. . .

— Hilary Owens, Westminster