Help us make disciples in the NEXT GENeration

In 2016, the PCA General Assembly authorized the Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) to develop a certification program for those serving in the local church. The curriculum was to be theologically sound and practically oriented. The combination of webinars, readings, and monthly meetings were to cover a wide range of topics. Since then, over 100 ordained and non-ordained leaders have completed the 12-month program designed for those in children’s ministry. One student described the impact for her:

I came into this position as the fourth person in less than a year. The readings for this month have given me great encouragement, a biblical perspective on the importance of Children’s Ministry, a peek into the impact this ministry can have on the whole church, and very practical ideas about Christian Education.

View video of additional testimonials below.

With the success of the certification program for children’s ministry, CDM has started working with Nextgen ministry leaders to develop a certification program for those who work with junior and senior high school students. The content will include topics such as: 1) theological foundations of student ministry, 2) recruiting/training volunteers, 3) partnering with parents, 4) integrating students into the life of the church, 5) summer project/mentor work, 6) teaching and shepherding students, and 7) life-on-life discipleship. The team hopes to launch this certification training by 2023.

The Need:  CDM would like to update several of the modules for Children’s Ministry Certification based on input from students and mentors. We also need seed-money to launch the Nextgen Certification program.

Our Request:  Help us steward well the opportunity of the gift match offered by the PCA Foundation. Gifts totaling $10,000, combined with the $10,000 match, will enable CDM to refresh four modules for Children’s Ministry and develop the initial seven modules for Nextgen Ministry Certification.

Please join us in preparing those who are making disciples in the NEXT GENeration.

Children and Youth Ministry leaders often need more equipping than their local congregations are able to provide. CDM addresses this challenge by providing leaders with the training they need for the ministries to which they are called.  — Michael Craddock (Pastor)