“Who am I?” is the fundamental question we all ask―but Jesus did not need to ask it. The identity of Christ was not dependent on what He did, who He was with, or how others saw Him. Jesus was the only person in history who was completely secure in His identity.

In this study designed for all levels of Bible students, you will dig into Scripture to find not only who Jesus claimed to be, but also who He has created you to be, because there is no real knowledge of self without a knowledge of God.

Meet the Author

Becky Kiern is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary who has served in staff and lay-leadership roles in multiple churches. Currently living in Nashville, TN, she enjoys teaching the Bible at retreats and conferences, developing church leadership and writing Bible study curriculum. Her other works include contributions to Co-Laborers, Co-Heirs: A Family Conversation and Beneath the Cross of Jesus: Lenten Reflections. Becky has also been an adult cardiology RN for nearly 15 years. Above all, her favorite roles are that of friend, sister, and auntie.

We get so many messages from the world about who we are and what we should be. But what we really need is a word from God to shape our sense of self, which is just what this book provides. Our Light and Life takes readers deep into the pages of Scripture to see more clearly who Jesus is and what that means for those who are joined to Him by faith.

~Nancy Guthrie , Author of Saints & Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus

We live in a culture that entices individuals to curate their identities around paper-thin temporal facades. Our Light and Life: Identity in the Claims of Christ is an accessible Bible study that will have you referencing eternal truths from cover to cover. Its contents reflect upon the beautiful portraits of the I AM and remind us that He is our only reference point to figure out who we were truly made to be.

~Karen Hodge , CDM’s Coordinator of Women’s Ministries for the PCA

What Becky Kiern has brought to life about our identity and hope in Jesus is phenomenal. This study is practical, rich with Biblical content and offers great Hope that Jesus is who He says He is and we can find respite in Him.

~Casey Cockrum, MS. Director of Campus Staff, Reformed University Fellowship

Using the searchlight of Jesus’ I Am statements in the Gospel of John, Becky Kiern’s Our Light and Life: Identity in the Claims of Christ guides us to see Him and ourselves with new clarity and depth. Old Testament background coupled with New Testament continuity and fulfillment in Christ lead us see the big story of Scripture and our part in it. With searching questions that faithfully employ biblical study tools, individuals and groups who seriously engage with the Scriptures through this study cannot help but grow in their knowledge and love of the Savior.

~Mary Beth McGreevy, Adjunct Professor, Covenant Theological Seminary

The invisible God has revealed himself to us through his Son, Jesus. But who did Jesus claim to be? How did he describe himself to us? Our Light and Life is an excellent resource for diving deep into the seven “I am” statements of Jesus. To answer these questions, Kiern takes us not only to the Gospel of John but also back into the Old Testament. She shows us of the significance of these statements, and reminds us that Jesus truly is the fulfillment of all the promises of God. This study is rich and accessible making it perfect for individual time in the Word as well as a helpful guide for group discussions.

~Abby Ross Hutto, Director of Spiritual Formation, Story Presbyterian Church, Westerville, Ohio; Author, God For Us: Discovering the Heart of the Father through the Life of the Son

I am grateful for this study Becky has prepared on the “I am” statements of Jesus in John. She combines pertinent textual comments, insightful reflection questions, important cross references, and penetrating applications, all with a warm, encouraging style. She has made a real contribution to help all of us engage in these vital passages of Scripture.

~Bob Burns, Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Church of the Good Shepherd, Durham, NC

This curriculum uses multiple methods to engage us in deep study of gospel passages in light of the whole Bible and God’s redemptive story. Then, each lesson helps us respond anew to Jesus’ words in our daily lives. As a master educator, Kiern leads us not only to understand a passage well but also to learn how to study the Bible better in general. Unique strengths include the printed Bible passages with lots of space for marking observations on the text and the carefully worded questions to promote meaningful group discussion.

~Tasha Chapman, PhD, Professor of Educational Ministries Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO