Anchoring Your Child in God’s Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture

By Gary Yagel

Today’s world is constantly sending our children unbiblical messages about gender identities, gender roles, same-sex attraction, and sexual fulfillment. Gender fluidity, which is at the core of many of these views, denies the sovereignty of God and the creation of man and woman as His image-bearers. The inherent uniqueness and value of each gender is not clearly understood by our culture because of historical stereotypes and abuses. We, therefore, must help our children put a biblical lens over whatever message comes to them from the culture. That biblical lens is called complementarianism. “God created them male and female” to complement, i.e., complete each other.

This mini-book is designed to equip Christian adults to understand the culture shaping their children’s views of sexuality, so they can help their children respond to the deconstruction of male/female gender identities and roles taking place in our culture with gospel grace towards the sexually broken and with a whole-hearted celebration of the bibilcal teaching of complementarianism.

Gary Yagel (MDiv., DMin.) serves as Executive Director of Forging Bonds of Brotherhood, and as the Men’s Ministry Consultant for the Presbyterian Church in America. He is a trained presenter of Man in the Mirror’s No Man Left Behind Seminar, and has taught as a visiting professor at Reformed Theological Seminary.