His Name Is Great
Author: Rachel Craddock

Children ask: “Who’s God?” “What’s His name?” “What’s He like?” His Name Is Great was written to answer those questions and to explain why God wants His children to know Him—”wherever you are, right now.” With engaging storytelling of God’s revealing Himself in the Old Testament and clear connections to Jesus’s life in the New Testament, Rachel Craddock distinctly describes to children how knowing God and His character is important to their lives every day.

The beautiful watercolor illustrations by Nancy Hooker highlight the greatness of God and give children and adults occasion to meditate on each of God’s names as it is shared. This new book is sure to become a family favorite, especially appreciated by parents who integrate it with their own study of God’s names using Knowing His Great Name by Michael and Rachel Craddock.

(A student version of this Bible study will be available for fall 2023.)