Knowing His Great Name: God’s Covenantal Character, Our Identity, and His Community, Student Edition
Author: Rachel Craddock – PCA

Have you ever wondered what God’s name is? You’re not alone.

Moses anticipated this question from the Israelites when God sent him back to lead them out of Egypt (Exodus 3:13). To the people of the ancient Near East few things were as important as one’s name, for a name provides identity, character traits, and connections to family, culture, and history. Thus, throughout Scripture, God has connected Himself to His covenant people through the revelation of His personal name (Exodus 3:15) as well as by the names given to describe Him.

Students are invited to journey through the Old and New Testaments in this study of twelve names by which God has revealed Himself and His character. As they grow in understanding of who God is, they will also unpack how God’s attributes shape the way they think about their identity and how they relate to others within the community of God’s people.

Families can study these names of God together by using the adult study, Knowing His Great Name, by Michael and Rachel Ann Craddock as well as the beautiful children’s book, His Name Is Great, by Rachel Ann Craddock and illustrated by Nancy Hooker. Both can be found at the PCA Bookstore.