By Susan Hunt-PCA.

Join Bill and Missy on their journey as they make their way through the alphabet and God’s Word. In this comprehensive, revised and expanded edition of ABC Bible Verses for Children, Bill and Missy grow as they struggle with how to apply the scriptures to their daily lives. Each of the 26 lessons presents a puppet skit in which Bill and Missy encounter situation in which they are challenged to live by God’s Word. Each lesson includes:

__ A lesson based on a puppet skit dialogue (stick puppets included)
__ A Gospel section that uses the verse to teach children about Jesus
__ Small group ideas
__ Activity ideas
__ A worksheet for both readers (word search) and non-readers (dot-to-dot)
__ A Power Point slide with a colored letter and the corresponding verse.

In addition, the curriculum includes ideas for review games as well as a set of cards for an ABC Bible Verse Memory Game that will aid children in learning the scripture references. Also includes a CD with all the material included as PDF files for easy printing and copying, so that you can use this curriculum year after year!

New King James, unless otherwise noted.

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