Neighbor to Neighbor: Uniting Through English

(Intro Level, Student Book)

Many ESL ministries have been searching for a curriculum written for them: volunteer programs who want to teach quality English lessons and share Jesus in the one or two classes they hold each week. Neighbor to Neighbor: Uniting through English was written for these ministries. It is a vocabulary and life skills-based curriculum of 34 lessons with clearly written instructions for volunteer teachers and student books that contain content that is not in conflict with our biblical values. The student books are secular, but the teacher’s guide is not and includes weekly personal devotions for teachers to encourage them as they plan their lessons.

This curriculum has been developed to be used by churches and anyone else teaching English as a Second Language. It is designed to work perfectly with the MNA ESL training so that teachers will never need to wade through college-course materials or adapt workbooks into lesson plans again. It’s carefully crafted to provide learners with a strong foundation to communicate in their new country but without introducing them to controversial cultural elements.

Each of the five fluency levels include 34 lessons per year, more than enough material for most ESL ministries. Colorful illustrations in the student book enhance the vocabulary taught. Spiral binding and well-spaced graphics allow students to make notes.

The Intro Level gives students with no English a foundation for communicating in their new country and to develop further skills in English. The next level (Level One) will be available for purchase in late May 2024, with Level Two available in August. Levels Three and Four will be available in 2025.