The Advent Investigator: A Fact-Finding Devotional for Students and Their Families

Author: Jamye Doerfler – PCA

Is there more to the story of Christmas than what we see in tabletop Nativity sets or drive-through reenactments?

The Advent Investigator challenges preteens, young teens, and families to look behind the scenes and dig into the facts and events that led to Jesus’s birth by using the who, what, where, when, why, and how of investigative reporting. Students (and adults!) will be led to “connect the dots” of history, prophecy, and the Incarnation as they study and then apply what they’ve learned to their own lives.

Each of the twenty lessons and the four bonus lessons contain rich, impactful application points grounded in solid theology but written in language young believers can grasp. Discussion questions and prayer prompts create opportunities for families to work through the content together. The concluding devotional reviews the findings and invites readers to investigate their own relationship with Christ.

The Advent Investigator is designed for students to work on their own and discuss with their families but may also be used in small groups or in a classroom. Additional resources for homeschoolers and Christian educators are available on the author’s website.