• Samson Society GroupsThe Samson Society defines itself as a fellowship of Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, humility & recovery – serious, not grave. A weekly Samson Society meeting follows an agenda that is similar to that of a 12-Step, or Celebrate Recovery group, but the brotherhood connection is far deeper, going beyond the meeting. Samson Society support groups, though originally founded for men with sexual addictions, are for all men, and can be found in many cities and started in the local church.
  • Harvest USA Support GroupsHarvest USA has offices that sponsor support groups in Philadelphia: 215-482-0111,; Pittsburgh: 412-561-7700,; Chattanooga, TN: 423-482-0434, They are also a valuable resource to assist you to start a support group.



  • Hide or Seek:  When Men Get Real With God About Sex by John Freeman (President of Harvest USA)
    Men who struggle with sexual sin know how easy it is to live a lie. This book (which is also a ten-week study) helps men step out of the shadows and into the truth—starting with the truth that God loves them.  Abiding in his love is the only way to draw near to the only one powerful enough to change us.
  • False Intimacy by Harry Schaumburg
    With frank honesty, set in a Christian context, False Intimacy examines the roots behind destructive sexual behaviors and offers realistic direction to those whose lives or ministries have been impacted by sexual addiction.
  • Sexual Sanity for Men by David White
    This study is written by the men’s ministry coordinator for Harvest USA, a ministry begun at Tenth Pres, Philadelphia that brings the truth and mercy of Jesus Christ to the sexually broken. This, in-depth transformative study contains 14 chapters, each with 5 daily readings for journaling. It is designed to be used individually or in a group.
  • Grace Transformed Sexuality by Gary Yagel
    This nine-week men’s small group study is designed to equip the everyday Christian teen or man with grace centered biblical principles for battling lust BEFORE he slides down the slope of addiction to pornography. The study is a safe place allowing men to find strength in other men battling lust without putting any man on the spot to share the specifics of his struggle.