What does it mean to be unraveled?

by Rachel Craddock

To be unraveled is to be undone, to untangle your identity and the layers of lies that permeate your story so that you can clearly see the truth. Being made new requires an unraveling, as the stories from your past are transformed and the new threads are tightly tied to the gospel.

Join Rachel Craddock as she boldly shares how God has been slowly unraveling her story. Rachel shares how her mother’s death, her struggle with perfectionism, and her role as a pastor’s wife have unraveled her, revealing her need for Christ and a desire to see every thread of who she is in light of the gospel.

Are you being unraveled? Do you want the freedom found by unraveling the lies so that you can see the gospel more clearly in the fabric of your life? Let God unravel your story as you see how the gospel affects every area of your life!

Slowly Unraveled includes a Story Workbook and Small Group Discussion Guide. This book can be used as a discipleship tool, a small group study, or a complement to a Bible study on Ephesians. The material is accessible for anyone, whether you are investigating what it means to live by faith, or even if you have been walking by faith for many years.

About the book

Rachel’s winsome and relatable style draws the readers to examine their own journey of being unraveled by the renewal of their minds in God’s Word.

~ Karen Hodge- Coordinator of Women’s Ministries Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Rachel ’s book is an honest and personal example of how guilt and shame can be redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

~ Will Witherington- Network Director, Campus Outreach

Rachel lets us into the nitty-gritty of God’s sanctifying process in her own heart, and we see more clearly how the scripture relates to our own unraveling. What a rare resource!

~ Jane Anne Wilson- CDM’s Regional Advisor for Women’s Ministry to the Northeast

What we make complicated, Rachel makes simple. In her straightforward manner, she identifies shame messages we can all relate to and shows us, through the telling of her story, how God weaves hope, healing, and redemption in the unraveled spaces of life.

~ Shari Thomas- Founder & Executive Director of Parakaleo

About the Author

Rachel Craddock is a writer and speaker who serves as Regional Advisor of Women’s Ministry to MidAmerica for the PCA. Her desire is to encourage women in a relatable way to practically apply the gospel to their daily lives. She hopes those who read Slowly Unraveled: Changed from the Inside Out will embrace the freedom of the gospel, cling to a daily lifestyle of repentance, faith, and obedience, but know that the gospel doesn’t require perfection, only a relationship with a God who unravels the old to make us new in the redemptive blood of Jesus. Rachel, her husband Michael, and their four children live in Mason, Ohio, where Michael is the lead pastor at North Cincinnati Community Church.