Why We Need Special Needs or Disability Ministries

When we read the gospels, we see Jesus ministering to those who are on the fringe of society: the lonely, the broken, and the disabled. Bringing children with disabilities into your children’s ministry may feel risky. Intense needs, new situations, and the possibility of disruptive behaviors can make everyone feel unsure of how to proceed in ministry. But having children and families with disabilities in your midst will change your ministry forever – for the better!

Helping You Engage Disability with the Gospel

Engaging Disability With The Gospel is the denominational disability ministry of the PCA. We come alongside churches to help them provide the supports and adaptations needed to make the gospel and spiritual growth accessible to every child.

Engaging Disability serves all 1,900+ PCA churches and the families in those churches whose lives are impacted by disability. We serve people of all ages (children, teens, and adults) with all types of disabilities: physical, intellectual, neurological, psychiatric, sensory, chronic illness, learning disabilities, and more.

When we partner with your children’s ministry, we help you think through adaptations and accommodations to enable your church’s children to worship, grow in their knowledge of Christ, and better love God’s people. We offer:

  • monthly online disability ministry training for churches and families
  • onsite and virtual consultations
  • children’s ministry conferences

We recognize the uniqueness of each church and the context and culture in which it serves. Our goal is to make your existing ministries stronger. Contact us today and we will work with you to address your families’ unique needs, in your ministry context, and to formulate a series of small steps that your church can sustain over time. We can help you address issues such as:

  • how to come alongside families in worship and provide supports that work
  • how to manage classes with a gospel-centered understanding of behavior
  • how to teach the Bible to children of all abilities and learning styles
  • how to minister to the whole family in sustainable ways

Want to know more?

For more information to help you and your church begin, continue, and grow special needs ministry, visit the Engaging Disability website or contact connect@engagingdisability.org.