Article by Dennis Bennett



The Why


Your pastor went to seminary. During that time he learned the Bible, biblical languages, theology, church history, and how to preach. In other words, he was trained. When your church is preparing to select new elders and deacons, they are taught the basics of what the church is, how it is run, and their role in overseeing the church. In other words, they are trained.

Aside from the leadership, which group in the church would you say is the most important? My answer would be the teachers – on all levels. Think about the fact that these people are the ones we are entrusting with the very training of the next generation of your church. Do they deserve to be trained any less than those who oversee the church?

How would you respond to this? Your teachers come to you all excited about a new curriculum they discovered. The three basic truths taught are 1) Wisdom – I need to make the wise choice; 2) Faith – I can trust God no matter what; and 3) Friendship – I should treat others the way I want to be treated. Does this sound good to you? If it does, then you need more training than you know. These are not Biblical objectives, and you must know the difference if you are going to be able to protect your children from such teaching.



What biblical objectives should You be watching out for? 


Great Commission Publications, our denomination’s official curriculum publisher, puts it this way: