At CDM, we have been gathering accountability questions for years, and though this is not an exhaustive list, it is extensive. We don’t recommend every person answer every question, but we have found that allowing members of your group to choose 3-5 questions – specifically those they would like to be asked in areas they want to grow – can be helpful.

Your Relationship to God

1. Are all of your decisions meant to honor God? If not, what has been your main motivator?

2. Have you spent much time with God recently? Do you spend regular time with God?

3. Has your relationship with Christ gotten better or worse recently?

4. Have you spent much time lately in prayer? How much?

5. Have you spent much time lately studying Scripture? How much? What have you learned?

6. Have you worshiped God privately recently?

7.  Have you worshiped God at Church recently?

8. Are you giving to the Lord’s work financially?

9.  Are you satisfied with the time you spent with the Lord this week?

10. How has your relationship with Christ been changing?

11. In what ways has God blessed you this week?


Your Inner Life

1. Has your thought life been pure recently? If not, what have you struggled with?

2. How have you been tempted lately? How did you deal with those temptations?

3. Have you looked at members of the opposite sex inappropriately recently?

4. Have you allowed yourself to get into inappropriate situations with the opposite sex recently?

5. What were the happiest times you have had recently? What caused them? Did you remember to thank God?

6. What brought you pain or suffering recently? How did you handle the situations?

7.  What was your biggest disappointment? How did you decide to handle it? Did it consume your thoughts? 

8.  What do you see as your number one need for next week?

9. Did you worship in church this week?

10. Are the “visible” you and the “real” you consistent?

 11. Have you compromised your integrity in any way?

12. Did you accomplish your spiritual goals this week?

13.​ How are you feeling these days?  What is on your mind?

14.​ Is there any bitterness, hatred or unforgiveness residing in your heart toward another person?

15.​ Have you allowed yourself to become depressed and defeated by thinking negative thoughts or by dwelling on critical comments (low self-image, believing lies, putting yourself down, etc…)?

16.​ Are you casting your cares upon the Lord or are you worrying or stressed-out?

Your Actions

1. Have you taken part in a Bible study or small group recently?

2. Have you practiced any of the disciplines of abstinence recently (solitude, silence, fasting)? What did you learn from them?

3. Have you practiced any of the disciplines of growth recently (Bible memorization, study, prayer, service, etc.)?  What did you learn from them?

4. What have you done recently to improve your relationship with your spouse and family? Have you offered encouragement to them recently? Have you done anything significant for them recently?

5. Have you treated your friends, neighbors and co-workers fairly recently?

6. Have you turned the other cheek and ‘blessed those who curse you’ to anyone that has slandered or harmed you recently?

7. Have you helped any needy people recently? What did it cost you to help them? What were your motives in helping them?

8. Have you said anything to hurt anyone recently? Did you make amends?

9. Did you work extra hard (for the Lord) in your business and home life duties recently?

10.  How have you demonstrated a servant’s heart?

11. Do you treat your peers and coworkers as people loved by God?

12. Have you shared your faith this week? How?

13. In what ways have you stepped out in faith since we last met?

14. What have you done for someone else this week? Did you take time to show compassion for others in need?

15. Did you control your tongue?

16. How would your parents/brother(s)/sister(s)/spouse/child(ren) describe your relationship with them right now?

17.​ Have you taken a second look at a member of the opposite sex, whether in person or in print, that caused you to lust or stray in your thought-life?

18. Have you watched any movies or television, played any games, browsed any internet sites or listened to any music which grieved the Lord or hindered your spiritual growth?

19. Have you used language that you know would grieve the Holy Spirit (swearing, telling or laughing at dirty jokes)?

20. Have you gossiped about any person or situation, which should have been handled in private?

21. Have you blown witnessing opportunities by succumbing to fear, laziness or by being a jerk?

22. Have you cheated on your “call to excellence” by trying to get by with something less than your best (i.e. in your school-work, job, family, ministry, etc….)?

23. Have you misused your finances by buying “frivolous materialistic” toys and/or neglecting to tithe (tithing is a Biblical practice of giving a portion of your income to the Lord.  It includes your time and talent as-well-as your money)?

24. Have you procrastinated (put-off) important things that should of been done in a more timely manner?

25. Have you been so much of a perfectionist that you alienated someone or spent too much time on something that really didn’t matter?

26. Have you spent too much time working or thinking about work or a project so that you or those around you suffered?

27. Have you used or abused any substance as an escape instead of casting all your cares upon the Lord (food, alcohol, cigarettes, cigars, drugs, excessive caffeine, etc…)?

28. Have you taken the time to exercise your body this week and how have your eating habits been?

29. Are you taking time for rest and relaxation?

30. Is there anything you are hiding or something else you need to be accountable for which we did not ask you about? 

31. Have you lied about any of the questions we’ve asked today?