Helping Our Children Embrace Their Calling to Godly Manhood or Womanhood

Includes discussion questions for discipleship groups

Today’s world is constantly sending our children unbiblical messages about gender identities, gender roles, same-sex attraction, and sexual fulfillment. Gender fluidity, which is at the core of many of these views, denies the sovereignty of God and the creation of man and woman as His image bearers. How do we anchor our children to Biblical truth so that they don’t get caught up in the tides of cultural fluidity?

This mini-book is designed to equip Christian adults to understand the culture that is shaping their children’s views of sexuality, so they can help their children respond to the gender fluidity taking place in our culture with gospel grace that is full of compassion towards the sexually broken and with a whole-hearted celebration of the biblical teaching of complementarianism.

What does the Bible say about gender?

How do I instruct my child to be loving but also to hold fast to a biblical understanding?

How do I teach my child to embrace her gender?

I really wish EVERY member of MPC had access to this information. It is so well thought out, thorough and compassionate. I would really like our son and daughter to read it so that they can think thru these issues from a Biblical standpoint. It will be immensely helpful to all the parents who take the time to read it, but also to single people -either for themselves or for someone else they meet in their sphere of living. (I would love to know how I can purchase three copies of the book!)

— Karen Tucker, Mom from McLean Presbyterian Church.

Shortly after I had begun reading your book my college-aged daughter who is working a summer job came home and said that the young lady she was working with was changing her gender from female to male, but he/she lives with her boyfriend. How confusing is that? Sara wanted to know how to accept her but not accept her lifestyle. I pulled out your book and she and her older sister who just graduated from Grove City and I had a great discussion about this relevant topic in today’s culture.

— Joel Fiscus, National Field Director, Christian Service Brigade.

“I hope your book, Anchoring Your Child to God’s Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture, is widely read by our beloved PCA world.” 

—Dan Wilson, Director of Student Outreach, Harvest USA.

Thank you for sending us your new book, Anchoring Your Child to God’s Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture. It’s a timely and helpful gift. I will also pass it along to our two youth pastors, as they deal with the young people troubled by these issues. The book will be helpful to me as I deal with the adults, but also to them as they deal with young people. 

— Brian Petersen, Assistant Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews.

Meet Dr. Gary Yagel

Dr. Gary Yagel loves teens. With five children of his own and experience in youth ministry, Gary understands the challenges teens face.

God’s design of masculinity and femininity has been at the heart of Gary’s work as the PCA Men’s Ministry Consultant for the past ten years and was the basis of his doctoral thesis at RTS Orlando, “Discipling the Heart of a Man. He has also worked with Harvest USA working with those struggling with sexual sin.

Gary and Sandy have been married 36 years and reside in Olney, MD. Gary served twenty years as a PCA church planter before beginning his present ministry as the Executive Director of Forging Bonds of Brotherhood (, and the Men’s Ministry Advisor for CDM, the Discipleship Ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America. He has served on the speaking faculty of Man in the Mirror and spends his weekends speaking to men and coaching churches in men’s discipleship. He received his DMin from RTS Orlando, where his dissertation was on the topic, Discipling the Hearts of Men. He serves occasionally as visiting professor at Reformed Theological Seminary, DC where he teaches, “Making Missional Disciples.” He would love to speak to your men or provide free consulting for your men’s ministry 301.570.5097.