The Basics of the Faith series (published by P&R – each 30-40 pages) are on relevant topics for Christians to study on doctrine, the Christian life, and church related topics. CDM, with the aide of the authors, has written Leader’s Guides to help anyone wanting to lead a study with an individual or group. The student version is designed to be worked through before reading the text and for taking notes during the meeting. If you’re interested in downloading these FREE resources, select the book you want on the left-hand panel below and then click the links found to the right of the book cover.

What Are Election and Predestination?


Order this book from the PCA Bookstore What are election and predestination? by Richard D. Phillips The doctrines of election and predestination are often misunderstood outside Reformed circles. This booklet clearly and simply explains these truths, showing their biblical basis and practical application. Study Guide.pdf Leaders-Guide.pdf Basics of [...]

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What is Vocation?


Order this book from the PCA Bookstore What is Vocation? by Stephen J. Nichols For some people, work is tedious and boring—something to endure until the weekend arrives. For others, work is everything; it consumes them and their time. The former find no meaning or satisfaction in their jobs, the latter [...]

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Why Do We Have Creeds?


Order this book from the PCA Bookstore Why do we have creeds? by Burk Parsons Burk Parsons insists that beliefs are important to not only know but to explain and defend. He explores our historic creeds and confessions and explains why they are desirable and necessary in our postmodern society. Study Guide.pdf Leaders-Guide.pdf [...]

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What is Worship Music?


Order this book from the PCA Bookstore What is worship music? by Paul S. Jones Worship music is dividing us instead of uniting us and acting as entertainment instead of as praise. Jones presents biblical insight and revisits church history to unite us in edifying the church and worshiping God. Study Guide.pdf Leaders-Guide.pdf [...]

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What is Evangelism?


Order this book from the PCA Bookstore What is evangelism? by George W. Robertson What is evangelism? Although the term is basic to the Christian faith, evangelism can take many forms in practice. Is there a “correct” way to evangelize? George W. Robertson shows how God gives us different opportunities and ways [...]

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Am I Called?


Order this book from the PCA Bookstore Am I called? by George W. Robertson How can you be sure of a call to pastoral ministry? What qualifications do you need? What exactly are you being called to? Answering a call means dedicating your life to service through preaching and pastoring duties vital to [...]

Am I Called?2023-03-24T10:58:24-05:00

What Is The Trinity?


Order this book from the PCA Bookstore What is the Trinity?by David F. Wells The challenging nature of the Trinity often puzzles us–especially since no one passage in the Bible explains it on its own. Early creeds were written to unite the church’s beliefs about the doctrine, yet people still struggle to understand [...]

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