The Basics of the Faith series (published by P&R – each 30-40 pages) are on relevant topics for Christians to study on doctrine, the Christian life, and church related topics. CDM, with the aide of the authors, has written Leader’s Guides to help anyone wanting to lead a study with an individual or group. The student version is designed to be worked through before reading the text and for taking notes during the meeting. If you’re interested in downloading these FREE resources, select the book you want on the left-hand panel below and then click the links found to the right of the book cover.

What Is The Lord’s Supper?


Ever since the night Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper, this sacrament has played a central role in the faith and practice of the church. The goal of this booklet is to help readers understand the biblical institution of this sacrament, the theological issues surrounding it, and the pastoral considerations for administering and receiving it. [...]

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What Is Atonement?


Richard Phillips asserts the necessity of this doctrine for Christian salvation, exploring the centrality, the terminology, the theories, the extent, and the role in ministry of the atonement. COMING SOON: You can choose to download a FREE PDF or Word doc of the study questions to go with the book.   What is Atonement? [...]

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What Is Providence?


Few things distinguish Christian and secular worldviews with greater clarity than the doctrine of providence: that everything that happens is the outcome of the sovereign overruling of God -- everything! "What Is Providence?" examines this truth by observing how the Bible explains the complex lives of men and women, and also by weighing opposing [...]

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What Is Justification by Faith Alone?


Ever since Martin Luther, the famous sixteenth-century Reformer, nailed his ninety-five theses to the castle door of Wittenberg, the doctrine of justification by faith alone has been one of the great truths of the Reformed faith. In this concise booklet, J. V. Fesko takes a fresh look at this critical doctrine, explaining biblical teaching, [...]

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Is Jesus in the Old Testament?


Many Christians find the Old Testament to be a difficult book and ultimately ignore large parts of it often because they simply are not sure what to do with it. Yet Iain Duguid maintains that the Old Testament is for Christians too. What is more, Christ is present throughout the Old Testament—in fact, when [...]

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What is Hell?


Morgan and Peterson set forth a clear biblical theology of hell, addressing the major questions people have and applying what the Bible has to say about it to Christian living. You can choose to download a FREE PDF or Word doc of the study questions to go with the book.   What is Hell? [...]

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Why Do We Pray?


We all have questions about prayer. Why pray if God already knows what's going to happen? Can prayer change the mind of God? Does it actually affect anything? What is the purpose of prayer? There is only one wise source to answer our questions: we need to hear from God himself. Only through him and his [...]

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Why Do We Baptize Infants?


Biblical and pastoral, simple and accessible, this booklet explains in a nontechnical style why we should baptize the infants of believing parents. Chapell also shows pastors how to administer the sacrament in ways that are meaningful and helpful for their churches. You can choose to download aFREE PDF or Word doc of the study questions [...]

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Why Believe in God?


Daniel Hyde demonstrates God's existence in three ways: from the light of conscience implanted within us, from God's handiwork in the light of creation, and from the light of the canon, which presents his character. You can choose to download a FREE PDF or Word doc of the study questions to go with the [...]

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