Men’s Ministry Around the PCA


Men’s Fraternity. More and more of our churches are finding that their men are responding very positively to this video material done by Robert Lewis. Here are a few contacts with churches that have used it: Covenant Life PCA Sarasota, FL Dave Enslow dave@nextstepsformen.comCovenant Pres Harrisonburg, VA: Jim Blair Park Cities Pres, Dallas: Pete Deison Retreat Speaking and Seminars [...]

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Why is it so difficult to get men to attend men’s ministry events?


By Rev. Gary Yagel   A. Nearly all of the subgroups in the church (children, teens, college kids, singles, women, seniors) are strongly motivated to come to church events because they want to be with their friends. Men are not. Therefore, they don’t show up just because the bulletin says that a men’s event is planned. [...]

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Men’s Ministry Books and Small Group Studies


GRACE-CENTERED MEN’S MINISTRY Holiness by Grace by Bryan Chapell In this challenging yet heart-warming work, Bryan Chapell illustrates the principles of grace, the practices of faith, and the motives of love in living a life of holiness. Free study guide available at The Prodigal God by Tim Keller Tim Keller helps you glean insights [...]

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Sexual Purity Resources


SUPPORT GROUPS Samson Society Groups: The Samson Society defines itself as a fellowship of Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, humility & recovery – serious, not grave. A weekly Samson Society meeting follows an agenda that is similar to that of a 12-Step, or Celebrate Recovery group, but the brotherhood connection is far [...]

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Online Devotionals and Web Resources


Scotty Smith’s (Heavenward) Devotionals: Men often feel too dirty for God to like very much. Scotty Smith, the founding pastor of Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN, helps men take the concept of God’s unconditional love and unmerited grace from their heads to their hearts. Man In the Mirror DVD’s and Webcasts by Pat Morley: Man [...]

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What two primary goals does men’s discipleship seek to accomplish?


By Rev. Gary Yagel   DEEPER CONNECTION IN THE BODY:  Helping men build friendships with other men for encouragement and accountability (the body building itself up in love) DEEPER OBEDIENCE TO CHRISTS COMMANDS:  Providing biblical teaching for men that is specific to their temptations and responsibilities as men (discussing the truth in love) Speaking the truth [...]

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Why is men’s discipleship foundational for the local church?


By Rev. Gary Yagel God has assigned men a strategic position of influence in the covenant family, church, and community. He has designed our wives to be responders, and our children to have many needs that we must meet as their fathers.  If we help men get it right, everybody wins. A strong discipleship ministry for [...]

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How to Help Men Love God More


(Excerpts from The 2011 GA Seminar “Reaching the Heart of a Man”) A good summary of the goal of men’s ministry is to help men better love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength. Bryan Chapel points out, “Spiritual change is more a matter of what our heart loves than what our hands do” (Holiness By Grace). [...]

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