Questions to Connect Around: The covenant is the theological grid that helps us determine what we do, why we do it and how we will do it. Consider how these covenant implications impact your own life and the vision and mission of your Women’s Ministry. The covenant is both personal and corporate. At some point [...]




Questions to Connect Around: Reflect over the last year of your Women’s Ministry. In what ways can you see the Holy Spirit cultivating a hunger and thirst in you personally, and your women, for the Word? In what ways is the Word of God central or core in your Women’s Ministry? How is your teaching [...]


Creating A Presbytery Women’s Ministry


In an effort to serve you well, we offer these resources from a variety of PCA churches. Be encouraged that the beautiful diversity of the PCA should be reflected in the different structures of our presbyteries.  Our intention is not to prescribe any specific model, but to help you develop a structure that best [...]

Creating A Presbytery Women’s Ministry2023-03-24T11:20:42-05:00

Women’s Ministry Books and Bible Studies


Bible Studies   Revelation: Let the One Who is Thirsty Come by Sarah Ivill Revelation paints a breathtaking picture of the completion of God’s plan of judgment and salvation. Yet its perplexing imagery often scares us away! This expository Bible study gives us the confidence to interpret the mysteries.   The Lamb of God: [...]

Women’s Ministry Books and Bible Studies2023-03-24T11:22:44-05:00

Women’s Ministry Officers Information Forms


Installation of Officers – Helpful officer installation questions to be used by the pastor or another qualified person. Presbytery and Local Church President/Contact Change Form – New officers? We want to know! Update us here!

Women’s Ministry Officers Information Forms2023-03-24T11:22:50-05:00

Titus 2 & Spiritual Mothering


Foundational Principles for a Titus 2 Small Group Ministry Titus 2:3-5 is not simply a suggestion to match older women and younger women. This gospel imperative is one part of covenant life. It is a part of the strategy for a local church to disciple God’s people. The Titus mandate was given to the [...]

Titus 2 & Spiritual Mothering2023-03-24T11:22:56-05:00

Please, Show Me How to Help!


  By CB Campano I imagine most of you have had this thought at some point. A friend suffers betrayal, loss, depression, illness, guilt, or the like and, though you are eager to help, you just don’t know how. For the last ten years, I have had the privilege of helping women who experience all [...]

Please, Show Me How to Help!2023-03-24T11:24:30-05:00

Help! I Need a Speaker


By Karen Hodge On a weekly basis, I receive phone calls from women across our denomination looking for help. Some have been tasked with pulling off the annual Spring luncheon. They have someone covering table decorations but now they need a speaker ASAP. I hear the anxiety in their voice and I am not sure if [...]

Help! I Need a Speaker2023-03-24T11:24:36-05:00

Women’s Ministry Connection Video Series


Videos, questions, and resources on key doctrines and Women’s Ministry topics The purpose of Women’s Ministry Connection Series is to help connect women to key doctrines and Women’s Ministry topics. Use any of the videos for your own personal encouragement or share them with your Women’s Ministry to invite women to connect in conversation around [...]

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