Questions to Connect Around:

  1. Reflect over the last year of your Women’s Ministry. In what ways can you see the Holy Spirit cultivating a hunger and thirst in you personally, and your women, for the Word?
  2. In what ways is the Word of God central or core in your Women’s Ministry?
  3. How is your teaching helping women make the vital connection between relevant truth and real life application?
  4. How are you accounting for these factors (spiritual maturity, learning styles, teaching styles, age & stage, etc.) in the women that God has called to be a part of your Women’s Ministry?

Helpful Resources:

About Courtney Doctor:

Courtney serves as the Director of Women’s Ministry at the Kirk of the Hills in St. Louis, MO.  She desires to study, teach, and apply well the word of God.  Courtney teaches Bibles studies at her church, speaks at women’s conferences and retreats, and is writing her first Bible study.