Day 4 –30 Days of Gratitude in Philippians

with Charles Johnson, Pastor of Christ Community Church PCA

Prayer Points:

  • Thank God that we can cling to Him for knowledge and discernment. We don’t have to depend on any news channel or paper alone for our truth.

  • Thank God that He enables us to approve what is excellent through His indwelling Spirit.

  • Thank God that He can increase our love and produce the fruit of righteousness in our lives to the glory and praise of God.

  • Thank God for Jesus, that He promises to return, and that our real hope is in Him.

  • Thank God that He is glorified in His people.

  • Ask God to make us a living offering of praise to Him, that His love will flow through us into our homes, our neighborhoods, our communities, our country, and even to the ends of the world.

  • Ask God to guide your prayers as you pray for God’s love to abound in the lives of people.