Are you looking to draw your community into deeper relationship?

Do you want to grow in your relationship with Christ?

How can you be “hinged” to Christ and His Church?

You may have heard about CDM’s Regional Conferences for Women–the Hinged Conferences, but did you know there is also a Hinged Bible Study on the book of Ephesians?

We have all heard we are better together, but what does that look like in real life? The Hinged study instructs and applies the Gospel in the context of community for God’s glory!

Why Ephesians?

Ephesians hinges two grand ideas: the Gospel & Community. By plumbing the height, depth, and width of living the content of the Gospel in the context of community, we find Ephesians is very practical in our daily lives. Simply put, it reminds us who we are in Christ, and it instructs us in how we should live out that reality as our worship informs our walk.

Binding: Coil Binding  |  Chapters: 12 |  Page Count: 210

Hinged: Vitally Connected to Christ and His Church

A 12-week Bible Study on the book of Ephesians

The study was written by nine women from CDM’s National Women’s Ministry Team. Each brings her own unique voice, experiences, and a love for Christ and His Church to this study of Ephesians. It is a study about belonging, how God unites us in His beautiful bride, and we want you to be a part! Authors: Rachel Craddock, Christina Fox, Karen Hodge, Paula Miles, Connie Miller, Shea Patrick, Lisa Tarplee, Ronjanett Taylor, and Susan Tyner

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