Rest | Connection | Growth

Liturgy Collective is a curated retreat gathering that first met in October 2021 to help provide pastors, musicians, and liturgists from across the globe a few days of rest, connection and growth. We look forward to gathering in 2022 for a few days of worship, ideas, and relationships. In a broken and often polarized culture, Liturgy Collective wants to celebrate the uniting truth of the Gospel as we gather to be formed by worship. We encourage pastors and church musicians to consider attending together.

Rest. Three curated worship services in varied liturgical and musical styles.

Connection. We are working to foster a community that can encourage and build each other up. We will share a conference dinner together and will foster extended times of down time each day to connect with old and new friends from across the country.

Growth. World-class speakers, presenters, and musicians to encourage and challenge and shape our work around worship.

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