Values of Women’s Ministry

Community:  Commit to prayer. Be intentional in our coming together and staying together in community and unity.

Spiritual Transformation:  Encouraging each other in our spiritual rhythms and maintaining confidentiality.

Lived Experience:  (Ps.33:11)   Speak of what we know, testify to what we have seen.

Discernment:  Seeking to be attentive and alert to God’s activity among us on a day by day basis, proactively seeking God’s guidance.

Truth-Telling:  Offer truth in love and godliness.

Celebration:  regularly expressing gratitude to the Lord and others.

Kindness:  Being tender with each other.

Brokenness/Listening to our fear and/or resistance:  Sharing fears.

Conflict Transformation:  Communicating, if possible, face to face.

Committed to Communicate with Team:  regularly checking for and responding to team communications promptly