WE exist to connect and support PCA elders’ wives for the strengthening of Christ’s Church.

WE Initiative Video Interview
Karen Hodge and Meaghan May

Meaghan May is grateful for the gospel and loves inviting women to live in light of the good news of the steadfast love of God in their current season. She is the PCA Elders’ Wives Liaison with PCA’s Discipleship Ministries (CDM). She has served on the National Women’s Ministry team as a Northeast Regional Advisor, as well as serving as a trainer with Parakaleo.  She has been in ministry for two decades: serving in children’s ministry, youth ministry, special needs ministry, women’s ministry, conference planning, retreat speaking, coaching, and church planting. Meaghan serves alongside her husband, Paul May, at King’s Cross Church in Ashburn, VA, with their five children.

Contact Meaghan at mmay@pcanet.org

If you are interested in finding out more about a free six-week cohort with other wives of Elders, please contact Meaghan at mmay@pcanet.org.

Join us for our next Livestream event on Thursday, December 9 at 8 pm EST.

It will be filled with favorite people, favorite resources, and of course, some favorite giveaways!

Decking the halls and wrapping presents are all a part of ministry as Christmas approaches. The hurry of the holidays can give little time to pause and prepare Him room. WE want to come alongside you and celebrate the Person of Jesus.

Join us December 9th at 8pm EST for a live stream featuring some of our favorite resources and people! WE hope to connect you to some of our friends, spread some joy, and of course share some gifts!
  • KALI – Margaret Lee
  • AAMPCA/Parakaleo – Denine Blevins
  • AlongsideU – Tami Resch
  • Cherish (RBI) – Chris Zurbach
  • General Assembly Taste & See – Stephanie Formenti
  • Advent Devotional – Becky Kiern

A recording will be available afterward if you aren’t able to join us that evening.

Click this link to watch the recording of the Livestream Event from Nov. 4

Enjoy the recording of the wisdom and wit of Ruling Elder wife  Jeany Jun as well as Teaching Elders’ Wives Elizabeth Steele and Luchrysta Caswell…plus Meaghan May. Our winners for the giveaways were:

Partners in the Gospel – Joy Juries; Covenantal Life – Peggy Kang; Life-giving Leadership – Angela Woodall; ESV Ephesians Journal – Christie Iller; Leaf by Niggle – Sharon Morginsky; Starbucks gift cards: Becky Phillips, Jenny Dorsey, Gigi Skeele, Faith Martzin


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