At General Assembly 2017, those who attended the Women’s Ministry luncheon had the privilege of seeing Mike and Melissa Kruger interviewed by Karen Hodge, as well as hearing Mike speak on “Married in Ministry: The Importance of Being an Elder’s Wife”.

The outline of his talk is also available.

Married in Ministry: The Importance of Being an Elder’s Wife


I.  Your Influence: Being Married to an Elder Means You Will Have a Great Impact on His Ministry (for Good or Bad)

A.  The Importance of Your Husband’s Calling

B.  You are in the number one position to help or hinder a man commissioned by God

II.  Your Ministry: Being Married to an Elder Opens Up Opportunities for Your Own Ministry

A.  History Lesson: The ministry of women played a key role in the early church

  • In the ministry of Jesus
  • In the ministry of Paul
  • In the 2nd and 3rd century churches & beyond

B.  What are Your Gifts? How Are You Using Them?

III.  Your Character: Being Married to an Elder Involves Certain Qualities and Attributes

A.  Theological

B.  Sacrificial

C.  Humble

D.  Hospitable