Connecting women to key doctrine and Women’s Ministry topics.  Use this video for your own personal encouragement or share them with your Women’s Ministry to invite women to connect in conversation around these truths.  Here are some questions to get you started as well as some resources to dig deeper on this topic.

Questions to connect around:

1.   When you look in the mirror, are you inclined to define yourself in terms of your roles, responsibilities and relationships or more in terms of your personhood before God?

2.   Read Genesis 2:18, “It is not good for man to be alone, I will make a helper suitable for him.”

  • Why is it not good for man (men or women) to be alone?
  • Why is it not good for a home…church…or community to be alone without women?

3.   The following passages use the same Hebrew word “Ezer” found in Genesis 2:18. Each passage highlights God as our Ezer/Helper. As a woman, how has God given you the opportunity to image Him in the following dimensions?

  • Read Exodus 18:4-God as our helper and defender
  • Read Psalm 10:14-God as our helper who sees and cares for the suffering
  • Read Psalm 20:2-God as our helper and supporter
  • Read Psalm 33:20-God as our helper and protector
  • Read Psalm 70:5-God as our helper and deliverer
  • Read Psalm 72:12-14-God as our helper and rescuer
  • Read Psalm 86: 17-God as our helper and comforter

Helpful Resources:

Becoming Eve by Susan Shepherd

The Legacy of Biblical Womanhood by Susan Hunt & Barbara Thompson

By Design by Susan Hunt

About Susan Shepherd:

Susan has been a full-time staff member at Christ Covenant Church in Charlotte, NC since 1991. She served 14 years as Director of Children’s Ministries. Since 2004, Susan has been the Director of Women’s Ministries. She is passionate about leading women to Scripture, hoping to whet their appetite for personal study and reflection on God’s Word as a means of personal and cultural transformation. She recently released Becoming Eve.