Women’s Recommended Summer Study

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Take a deep breath and exhale. Refreshing, right? Breathing is very complex but is primarily a subconscious activity. There is a danger in familiarity. We may become casual in our relationship with God, taking His presence for granted. Prayer is a lifeline for believers God designed to build our relationship with Him and others. He created it to be an ongoing conversation starting with Him speaking to us through His Word and then us responding in prayer. Spiritual vitally begins with inhaling truth and exhaling prayers.

Jesus gathered a group so they could learn how to pray together. We want to invite you to gather a group to study, pray, and live out the Lord’s Prayer together. Our grand purpose is to consider in the context of community what it might look like if the words of the Lord’s Prayer were written over every aspect of our lives, homes, work, church, and community—to spend time together unpacking how our position in Christ impacts our posture in prayer. Let’s slow down this summer, catch our breath to read and pray through this short passage. We will be amazed at the rich learning-layers as we gaze at the multifaceted truths together.

Learn More about Breathe: The Life-giving Oxygen of the Lord’s Prayer

  • Click for the introduction and sample chapter.

  • This six-week study will include teaching videos, a study and prayer journal, and a downloadable children’s curriculum written by Heather Molendyk.

  • PCA Denomination-wide Women’s Bible Study: June 10‒July 15 (although you are welcome to adjust the dates to fit your schedule)

  • Watch our Breathe Training for Women’s and Children’s Ministry Leaders that was held on Thursday, April 21 at 7 pm to hear from authors Karen Hodge and Heather Molendyk.

Group and single orders can be placed at PCABookstore.com. Also available to purchase as a PDF.

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We held a training session on ways to use the Breathe study this year.

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“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”  —Martin Luther

Building On the Lord’s Prayer

A six-week study of the Lord’s Prayer for children and their families

The disciples were a lot like us. They often depended on their own strength and understanding even as they stood next to the Son of God! So, when they asked Jesus to teach them to pray, they may have been hoping for a “magical formula” to get God to listen and answer.

As children study each element of the Lord’s Prayer in these six lessons, they will come to understand that Jesus didn’t give His disciples (including us) a formula, but a template to first remember to whom we pray, God our Father who is holy and sovereign. Then, He tells us to remember that, like a loving father, God wants to hear from us; He wants us to share our needs and struggles, and, finally, to obey and hope in Him.

By learning and practicing prayer, children will develop confidence  to approach God’s throne with the assurance of the psalmist: “God has surely listened; He has attended to the voice of my prayer” (Ps. 66:19).