Youth Leadership in Conflict: When Parents Become Concerned


Article by Danny Mitchell Home / Archives / Youth / Youth Leadership in Conflict: When Parents Become Concerned I often think of a paraphrase of an African proverb that a friend once told me when I hear about youth workers who are in conflict with parents. The proverb says “The only thing that gets hurt when horses fight is the grass [...]

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Preventing Burnout


Article by Danny Mitchell I have been in youth ministry long enough to know that arguing with your senior pastor in a public setting does not bode well for personal job security. Yet, for a mind boggling thirty minutes I was doing just that at a recent staff retreat. Oblivious to the obvious discomfort of [...]

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The Pray for Me Campaign


Article by Danny Mitchell Because of the realities that a large percentage of young people who connect with the church during their teenage years will end up leaving the church as they move into adulthood and those who stay connected to the church had adult believers intentionally investing in their lives, Tony Souder, the executive [...]

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RYM (Reformed Youth Ministry) Conferences


RYM exists to reach youth for Christ and equip them to serve. For over 40 years we have fulfilled our mission by providing conferences for youth that are word driven, God centered and gospel focused. God has blessed RYM, growing us from our original one conference to now six conferences that are reaching [...]

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Connecting women to key doctrine and Women’s Ministry topics.  Use this video for your own personal encouragement or share them with your Women’s Ministry to invite women to connect in conversation around these truths.  Here are some questions to get you started as well as some resources to dig deeper on this topic. Questions to [...]

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The Fall, the Family, and the Covenant Community


By Danny Mitchell   The methodology of any church’s ministry to adolescents should grow out of a marriage between biblical theology and ministry context.  If we understand ministry to youth in its simplest form—believing adults from inside and outside the nuclear family who invest of themselves in children and youth— then we can begin to see [...]

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Youth Ministry Web Resources


RESOURCE WEBSITES: Center for Parent and Youth Understanding: Simply Youth Ministry: Youth Ministry Resources: Youth Worker: Youth Specialties: Group: TRAINING WEBSITES: Reformed Youth Ministry: PACT Ministry: Youth Ministry Architects: Global Youth and Family Ministries: Reach Out Youth Solutions: CULTURE AND RESEARCH WEBSITES: The [...]

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Books on Youth Ministry


YOUTH CULTURE: Hurt by Chap Clark When Kids Hurt by Chap Clark. Hurt 2.0 by Chap Clark. A Tribe Apart: A Journey into the Heart of American Adolescence by Patricia Hersch The Price of Privilege: How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage Are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy Kids by Madeline Levine. The [...]

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Danny’s Suggestions for Christmas Gifts


Article by Danny Mitchell With the explosion in popularity of fiction books targeted at young adults, one might think that teenagers today are turning the current trend toward not wanting to read anything longer than text messages or tweets around. However, it seems like once you move away from teenage wizards named Harry and angst [...]

Danny’s Suggestions for Christmas Gifts2017-04-02T23:09:23-05:00
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