Questions to Connect Around:

  1. Each of the following biblical principles underscores the compelling why for gender specific discipleship:
  • The essential nature of the Trinity, equality of being with diversity of function.
  • The complementary creation design of male female image-bearers
  • The call of the Great Commission.

Spend some time reflecting not only on these fundamental truths but also on ways where you see them currently reflected in your church and women’s ministry.

  1. When we think of the mandate for gender specific discipleship found in Titus 2, how do think your church and women’s ministry should seek to strike a balance between the overall discipleship of the congregation while leaving room for some gender specific discipleship?
  1. Susan reminds us that gender specific discipleship is always relevant, counter intuitive and counter cultural.  In light of our day and time there is an urgent need for women to teach other women to think biblically about what it means to be a woman.  Spend some time praying for the women in your church and for the next generation of women who will follow.

Helpful Resources:

Women’s Ministry in the Local Church – Susan Hunt, Ligon Duncan

By Design: God’s Distinctive Calling to Women – Susan Hunt

True: Becoming a True Woman Kit – Susan Hunt

About Susan Hunt:

Susan Hunt is the wife of Gene Hunt, a retired PCA pastor. They have three adult children and twelve grandchildren. She is the former Coordinator of Women’s Ministry for the PCA and served as a CEP consultant. Susan is the author and co-author of many books for women’s ministries as well as TRUE, the CDM discipleship curriculum series on biblical womanhood for teen girls. She has also authored several books for children.