By Rev. Gary Yagel

  • Be clear about the target—every man connected to a few brothers who are helping him fight his spiritual battles. Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  Eccl. 4:12
  • Continually convey this truth to men: God doesn’t want you fighting your spiritual battles alone. 
  • Communicate this message through:  1) church leaders who model having an accountability partner themselves, 2) giving men who have such brotherhood connections the opportunity to tell their story, 3) directly challenging men—“We want every man in our church connected to some brothers who are praying for his inner battles.”
  • By strategically using every men’s event in the church to help deepen their relationships.
  • By considering many paradigms for connection—men’s Sunday school classes, men’s bible studies, Jonathan and David connections for breakfast, lunch, or weekly phone call, mentoring relationships, etc.