Questions to Connect Around:

  1. Do you know what the current mission and vision of your Session is for your Church and your Women’s Ministry?
  2. Are your leaders enthusiastic about investing in Women’s Ministry?
  3. What things are your Women’s Ministry currently engaged in that might be helping accomplish the mission and vision for your church?
  4. What things in your Women’s Ministry might be hindering the accomplishment of the mission and vision of your church?
  5. How can you partner together with the Session and other members of your church to fulfill the Great Commission?

About Stephen Estock:

Stephen Estock is the Coordinator for the PCA’s Committee on Discipleship Ministries. A former USAF officer, he has also been in pastoral ministry over 20 years in Montgomery, AL and St. Louis, MO. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Covenant Theological Seminary. He and his wife Susan have three children and live in Atlanta, GA.